Christine St John Cox

Christine St John Cox

Christine St John Cox

Associate Director, Energy & Carbon

Chris leads the Energy and Carbon Management team and specialises in supporting organisations to develop and implement their whole energy and carbon strategies.

She has worked extensively in the public and private sectors on a range of topics including regulation, greenhouse gas inventories, data management, and carbon reporting and mitigation activities.

Her recent work has included developing a vision of the future role of an energy manager and supporting whole energy solutions. Most recently she supported a whole energy system project with the Energy Systems Catapult’s Modern Energy Partners.

In 2015 she was closely involved in the development and implementation of Article 8 of the Energy Efficiency directive in the UK, the Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), and across Europe. Her involvement included supporting the UK Government in the development of the initial guidance and drafting the best practice guidance, to supporting professional bodies and their Lead Assessors, and finally providing ESOS compliance to a range of businesses. At that time, she also supported a colleague in the development of a paper on GHG reporting put to the IPCC based on her experiences of GHG reporting.

Between 2009 and 2011, she was the strategic advisor to the Carbon Disclosure Project on the UK Government’s Public Procurement Programme, which supports Government departments to engage with their suppliers and encourage emissions reduction and was involved in the piloting of the GHG Protocols Scope 3 guidance.

Looking forward she is working on supporting organisations on their Scope 2 reporting and preparing organisations for the introduction of new non-financial reporting requirements.