Understanding plastics – helping residents make the right choices

Understanding plastics – helping residents make the right choices
21 Aug 2019
Online webinar

Over 4 million tonnes of plastic waste are generated in the UK every year. David Attenborough’s Blue Planet II and the BBC’s recent #WarOnPlastic programme has put plastic waste at the forefront of the UK public’s mind. These documentaries, and many others which have followed, highlight the environmental and social impacts of our reliance on and mismanagement of plastics. As such residents are increasingly interested in reducing their plastic waste and asking more questions about what happens to their recycling after it is collected. This provides local authorities opportunities to support residents as they make changes.  

Prioritising plastic waste prevention can help local authorities to engage residents, implement plastic waste prevention activities at minimal cost and protect the environment.

Join us at this webinar to find out what you as a local authority can do to engage, encourage and enable residents to reduce plastic waste.

  • Hear from the North London Waste Authority on why it is important to be tackling plastic waste 
  • Get practical tips and advice, from Ricardo Energy and Environment, on how to support residents and what to consider when planning a plastic waste reduction programme
  • See real-world examples of initiatives that have been implemented by other councils to successfully reduce plastic waste
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