Nutrient neutrality: Tackling challenges and embracing environmental opportunities

Nutrient neutrality: Tackling challenges and embracing environmental opportunities
13 May 2021

Nutrient neutrality: Tackling challenges and embracing environmental opportunities

Join Ricardo experts, together with guests from Havant Borough Council and Partnership for South Hampshire, for a webinar where they will showcase their experiences of addressing nutrient neutrality at local, regional and national levels.

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The legal requirement for some developments to be 'nutrient neutral' to meet habitat regulations has created a new set of challenges for local planning authorities (LPAs) and developers. Developers must avoid or mitigate the potential eutrophication risks created by net increases in nutrient export to protected conservation sites. This novel issue creates a range of habitats regulation assessment (HRA) scenarios that have little-to-no precedent.

Nutrient neutrality is a complex, multifaceted problem to resolve but it also creates a set of potential opportunities for developments to have additional environmental benefits.    

To date, Ricardo’s water management and planning team have delivered a range of projects on nutrient neutrality, helping local authorities and regulators develop approaches and guidance to progress new development. These projects have allowed our team of experts to develop a pragmatic approach to these issues. This has helped to maximise the environmental benefits that nutrient neutrality can create, whilst enabling planning authorities and developers to progress new developments that may be ‘stuck’ due to requirements for nutrient neutrality.

About this webinar:

Guest speakers will share their perspectives on navigating nutrient neutrality including how local planning considerations are linked to regional nutrient neutrality strategies. These perspectives will be used to frame Ricardo’s experience of working on nutrient neutrality at local and national levels, reflect on lessons learned and discuss how best to approach nutrient neutral development.

Ricardo’s experts will also highlight how nutrient neutrality presents environmental opportunities through the use of nature-based solutions to mitigate nutrients related to new developments.

Who is this webinar for?

  • LPAs and developers looking to understand how to achieve nutrient neutral development.
  • Water companies interested in mitigation schemes, such as wetlands.
  • Rivers trusts, wildlife trusts and conservationists supporting catchment mitigation measures.
  • Environmental regulators who are engaged directly or indirectly on nutrient issues.
  • Academic institutions interested in how wider research may be needed to understand better how to manage nutrients for neutrality benefits.

Guest speakers

  • David Hayward – Planning Policy Manager, Havant Borough Council
  • Simon Kennedy – Strategic Environmental Planning Officer, Partnership for South Hampshire

Ricardo experts

  • Claire Pitcher – Principal Consultant, HRA Technical Specialist, Ricardo
  • Dr Gabriel Connor-Streich – Senior Consultant, Water Management, Ricardo
  • Dr Jenny Mant – Technical Director, Water Management, Ricardo
  • Ben Stansfield – Technical Director, Planning, Ricardo

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