Life after lockdown – successfully navigating the easing of lockdown

Life after lockdown – successfully navigating the easing of lockdown
26 Jan 2021
Online webinar

Save the date: Tuesday 26 January
Time: 11:00am – 12:30pm (GMT)

The impact of the COVID-19 lockdown created a unique set of circumstances and impacts on society and the environment that could previously only have been modelled.

As lockdown restrictions evolve, questions remain as to what will happen in the coming months and year(s). We enter an uncertain future where social distancing may remain the norm for some time to come, working from home is likely to be more popular, and safety on public transport may be questioned – potentially leading to an increase in single car usage amongst the general populace. This and many other factors are likely to have profound impacts on the way we live our lives and the impact we have on our environment.

Don’t miss this webinar, where Ricardo and a panel of invited guests will discuss how government and business can successfully navigate the easing of lockdown – whilst managing the key factors that impact air quality, human health and the provision of transport going forward.


Dr Karen Exley, Group Leader Air Quality and Public Health, Public Health England
Karen leads the Clean Air Programme at PHE and is the PHE lead for the National Institute of Health Protection Research Unit on Environmental Exposures and Health at the University of Leicester.

Peter Mildon, Chief Operating Officer, Vivacity Labs Limited
Having led projects across the oil, civil nuclear and renewables industries, Peter has substantial experience in process-driven technology and currently leads operations at Vivacity.

David Carslaw, Air Quality Knowledge Leader, Ricardo
David has over 20 years' experience in air pollution science with interests in the measurement of vehicle emissions and the analysis of air quality data to better understand the impact of different air pollution sources.

Sujith Kollamthodi, Strategy & Innovation Practice Director, Ricardo
Sujith has 20+ years’ experience working on transport sector issues, covering all modes of transport, with experience in leading research and consultancy projects for governments and the private sector.

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