Fleet electrification, could it super-charge your bottom-line?

Fleet electrification, could it super-charge your bottom-line?
30 Nov 2017

Ricardo has in-depth expertise in the current and future performance and costs of electric vehicles (EV), the feasibility of deploying the technology into vehicle fleets, as well as of the UK and wider European/global policy context that is driving the adoption of ultra-low emission vehicles.

During this webinar we will provide insight into the analyses we've performed for a range of clients and the opportunities and impacts of electrification of your fleet, with a particular focus on light-duty electric vehicles. 

This webinar will include:

  • A review of UK and other leading governments' visions for light-duty electric vehicles including the implementation of clean-air zones
  • Near-term technology trends 
  • Case studies of organisations who have deployed an electrification fleet strategy.
  • Estimating the costs and benefits of implementing electrification in your fleet.
  • Practical considerations and next steps

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