Airports forum

Airports forum
4 Oct 2019
Edinburgh, UK

Environmental regulations are changing – is your airport prepared?

This free one-day forum will explain the changing regulatory regime for water and how it is impacting airports. 

Key considerations for discussion will be the recent changes to the Water Framework Directive (WFD) which came into force in late 2018, as well as a forward look to River Basin Management Plans 3 (2021), the concept of ‘no deterioration’, and how emerging contaminants such as PFAS should be considered. 

Surface water management in airports

We will also provide an update on the latest science on de-icer and surface water management. Airports across the world use de-icing products to enable safe taxiing, take-off and landing. When combined with cold dry winter periods, followed by a large rainfall event, increased de-icer use may result in the ‘perfect storm’ and additional treatment may be required to keep discharges within permit limits to ensure environmental protection. The forum will address how airport operators can remain compliant with any discharge permits in place.

More than just water regulations

We will also look at the wider sustainability challenges that airports are currently facing and what actions can be taken across carbon management, air quality, and digital services. We will provide examples of practical steps that can be taken to prepare your airport for the coming winter to ensure you meet environmental requirements.

What is the Water Framework Directive?

The WFD is currently the single most important piece of legislation in the water environment and covers surface water and groundwater. It has been implemented in UK law and is used day-to-day in managing (site) emissions to water, as well as environmental permitting for discharges and abstractions. All construction works in or near to water also require compliance assessment under the WFD.

Who should attend this event?

The forum will be of particular relevance to airport employees working in the following areas: environmental management, water quality management, operations directors, heads of development / development managers, engineering management and heads of sustainability.

Attendance is free. To confirm your attendance or for further information, please email Tomas Harold at