Supporting you with a robust and pragmatic approach to ecological issues

Ricardo’s ecology team regularly works closely with developers, utility companies and government agencies to provide ecological advice in support of strategic plans, planning applications, consent from statutory bodies, post-planning site works, permitted development construction and wildlife conservation projects.

We are pleased to provide the complimentary Ricardo Ecological Surveys Calendar which covers most surveys in both terrestrial and aquatic environments. Click here to download.

Our team is fully aware of how ecological issues can impact, and be impacted by, a proposed plan or development project. By applying their expert knowledge and adopting a pragmatic approach, our team members offer:

  • Cost-effective, bespoke advice on ecological matters that will help development projects gain consent while safeguarding biodiversity.
  • Post-consent services to enable regulator conditions and legal obligations to be successfully discharged in relation to ecological matters.
  • Strategic ecological thinking to develop successful plans, strategies and guidance.

Our ecology services are split into two core areas:

Terrestrial ecology

Our ecology team are highly experienced in delivering terrestrial ecology services to support the requirements of a wide range of customers and stakeholders; our services include:

  • Preliminary ecological appraisal
  • Vegetation and habitat surveys
  • Surveys of protected and other notable species
  • Ecological Impact Assessment and Habitat Regulations Assessments
  • Pre-construction licencing and impact mitigation
  • On-going construction site support
  • Biodiversity action and site management planning
  • Training and guidance development

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Aquatic ecology

In addition to terrestrial ecology, our team are able to support your aquatic ecology requirements and help you to comply with industry regulations; our aquatic ecology services include:

  • Aquatic invertebrate survey and monitoring
  • Aquatic macrophytes survey
  • Aquatic habitat survey
  • Fisheries monitoring
  • Protected species surveys
  • Water Framework Directive (WFD) assessments
  • Fish passage appraisals and fish rescues
  • Freshwater, estuarine and marine studies

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