Due diligence assessment

Due diligence assessment

Comprehensive due diligence services to support informed decisions

When making investment decisions, we understand the importance of having access to focused advice that rapidly gains you a better understanding of the current, and potential, performance of your asset.
Ricardo combines due diligence capabilities with deep technical expertise, which enables us to provide clear and independent due diligence advice – technical, commercial, market and regulatory.

Our team of specialists conducts due diligence assessments that identify and reduce your investment risks, identify areas for cost and investment savings, and enable informed investment decisions, whether this be relating to either a development or operational project or using either established or novel technologies. 

Meet the team

Our Markets

Active in both hazardous and non-hazardous waste markets, we review and provide detailed advice on a wide range of topics, including:

Feedstock and recyclate markets


Waste composition

Materials Recovery Facilities (MRF)

Regulatory / environmental emissions

Anaerobic Digestion

Planning and permitting

Thermal technologies (including pyrolysis and gasification)

Mechanical processing


Our expertise is in identifying issues that are significant to investment decisions and reporting those findings succinctly and in a way that is easily understood by a non-technical audience.

This means our clients are assured of receiving the robust evidence they need to make informed decisions on valuation and risk. Our areas of expertise include:


  • Review of technically driven assumptions to financial model

  • Market Assessment (feedstocks)

  • Assessment of incentive scheme payments and assumptions

  • Technical review of EPC and O&M contracts

  • Review of new-build project build and lifecycle costs


  • High level project risk assessment (“Red Flag” reviews)

  • Review of as built and conceptual designs

  • Condition assessment of existing assets

  • Review of maintenance regime

  • Management team and facility staffing

  • Assessment of process guarantees

  • Process efficiency analysis

  • Feedstock assessment and waste composition analysis


  • Assessment of environmental issues and compliance with planning and permitting requirements

  • Review of energy off-take and product outlets and compliance with incentive schemes

Other activities:

  • Reference plant inspection.

  • UK and European market reviews of competing facilities and feedstock availability and gate fees.

We also offer other complementary services that utilise our expertise of operational and performance issues. These include:

  • Expert witness services for commercial disputes, insurance claims and in criminal cases. 

  • Technical Advisor for waste, water, and renewable energy infrastructure procurement projects.

  • Owners Engineer support to developers

  • Lender’s Technical Advisor during development, commissioning, testing and operations.

Our experience

  • Technical due diligence for proposed investment in glass recycling company - market and technical due diligence of a proposed investment in an established glass recycler.

  • Feedstock assessment for investors in biomass renewable energy plant - investor market due diligence, which followed an opinion we provided for the developer on feedstock availability that supported an ultimately successful planning enquiry.

  • Acquisition technical due diligence of AD schemes – advice to UK investors with pre-financial close review of operational food waste and agricultural feedstock schemes, including pre-treatment, digestion and biogas upgrading technologies.

  • Acquisition due diligence of a hazardous waste pyrolysis facility – advice to a UK investor from initial ‘red flag’ review to full technical due diligence pre-financial close.

  • Lenders Technical Adviser for portfolio of AD facilities – review steady-state test results and undertake project monitoring in relation to the terms of a long-term project finance facility.

  • Owner’s representative, clinical waste treatment facility – including developing specifications, site representative, monitoring commissioning and testing, and operational monitoring.

  • Commercial acquisition due diligence of a European plastic recycler – advice to a major global retailer and manufacturer acquiring a recycling operator with sites across several European countries.


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