Chemical risk management

Chemical risk management

Managing your chemical safety and compliance worldwide

The National Chemical Emergency Centre (part of Ricardo) has been operating for over 40 years and its specialists have an in-depth knowledge of the global chemical safety marketplace and its critical interactions with stakeholders – from regulators to supply chain. Our extent of knowledge and expertise places us in a unique position to understand and support you manage your organisation's chemical risks. 

When accidents do happen, our world leading global 24/7 emergency response helpline, staffed by trained chemists, and supported by our in-house chemical hazard database, Chemdata, are at the heart of our service and bring the pedigree and proven results to protect people, the environment, assets and your reputation. 

Our emergency response systems are designed using our regulatory insight and strong international network to ensure we provide a global service giving a system which ensures complete global regulatory compliance.

We can help you comply with changing rules and regulations of chemical hazard communication, like the latest understanding of the Poison Centre harmonisation, or through our safety data sheet (SDS) authoring and management services.  Our global regulatory and technical knowledge base can support you to communicate accurate and compliant information to downstream users and regulators. NCEC’s expert consultancy team’s broad range of expertise in chemical supply and transport mean they can provide clients with a “one stop shop” for compliance – tailored to your needs.

Our decades of experience in chemical safety, regulation and Responsible Care also enable us to support you in planning and preparedness, helping you handle chemical and wider crisis incidents safely and have robust system and processes in place be so you can be prepared for the worst.

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