Sustainable food supply chains

Sustainable food supply chains

Delivering sustainability and resilience throughout your supply chain

Ricardo can help you understand the future trends in agriculture, to enable you to take informed decisions that build resilience into your food supply chain. This includes mitigating physical risks such as flooding and drought, as well as building a low-carbon supply chain to meet customers’ expectations for sustainable products.

We work with farmers, growers and other supply chain stakeholders to minimise the amount of food that is lost at the farm stage. We can offer a fully comprehensive package of waste identification and reduction from farm to final outlet, e.g. retailer or hospitality business. Ricardo has a number of agricultural and horticultural production experts who have great insight into the sources of on-farm food losses for different crops.

Clients benefit from our expertise in climate adaptation, policy development, emissions mitigation and resource efficiency that delivers comprehensive risk assessments and cost effective solutions. Services we provide include:

  • Supply chain planning for climate change.
  • Independent communication of production issues to stakeholders.
  • Carbon and water footprinting.
  • Quantification and reduction of on-farm food losses.
  • Supply chain waste reduction strategy.
  • Emissions mitigation strategies.