Advice, training & technical extension

Advice, training & technical extension

Providing expert advice and support

Ricardo can help you provide farmers with up-to-date sustainable information. Our experience delivering agricultural awareness raising campaigns, advice programmes, stakeholder engagement and one to one training, ensures that we facilitate effective knowledge transfer and behaviour change.

We can help you equip farmers with the tools they need to understand and respond to environmental and productivity risks, such as fertiliser availability and its impact on water quality. Clients have benefited from our help delivering educational support on topics such as business management, resource protection, agricultural regulation, land management schemes, agronomy, soil management, nutrient management and climate change adaptation and mitigation.

Our agricultural training services include:

  • Event facilitation and co-ordination.
  • Marketing and stakeholder engagement.
  • Preparation of technical training material.
  • Data collection, analysis and presentation of statistics.
  • Technical helpline management.
  • Chairing of workshops.