Agricultural services

Agricultural services

Working to enhance sustainable agriculture

Ricardo can help you understand the challenges facing agriculture and implement sustainable solutions that deliver effective results. We use our deep understanding of the UK and European Union’s policy landscape to help clients comply with regulations and support better policy development.

Our advice in areas such as nutrient management and catchment-based-approaches, and our direct training support will help mitigate risks and deliver real sustainable benefits.

Our agricultural support services include:

Our experience

  • Appointed to review how changes to livestock housing impacted the UK’s ammonia emissions. 
  • Delivered a advice programme to support farmers claiming European subsidies
  • Appointed to assess various measures aimed at protecting agricultural soils in terms of cost, environmental impact and overall effectiveness.
  • To support a fertiliser supplier's business planning, we assessed how changes in population; diet; environmental regulations; land availability; climate; and crop yields would affect agricultural production and, subsequently, demand for potash.