Sustainable Islands

Sustainable Islands

We understand that island states face unique obstacles. Challenges for island states range from decreasing historical dependencies on imported fossil fuels, the need for strong resiliency of island systems in light of extreme weather and other threats, diversification of island economies, and the need to transition to sustainable systems. In response to these challenges, islands around the world have developed and implemented innovative solutions.
Ricardo Energy & Environment works with island states to achieve sustainable systems that support local island economies. Clean energy and resource efficiency can provide island states with improved energy security and independence, cost reductions for businesses and consumers, greater resiliency, support local economic development and combat climate change and negative environmental impacts.
Solutions for islands can be limited by specific conditions and capabilities on the island, and therefore we value partnership with local stakeholders. We believe those living on the island have an essential role in determining the best solutions.
Ricardo Energy & Environment offers integrated cross-sector services for islands, which include electricity infrastructure, local energy, transport, waste and resource management.  

Our services

Ricardo Energy & Environment supports sustainable development in island states through providing consulting services in the following areas:

  • Energy policy and cross-sector strategy
  • Development of enabling regulatory environments
  • Integrated resource planning and clean power planning
  • Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies for renewable energy
  • Licensing, standards, and processes for renewable energy
  • Support for island power grid stability and resilience
  • Smart networks, storage, and demand side management
  • Electromobility strategy, planning and deployment
  • Energy strategy, planning and implementation for airports and ports
  • Development of local energy solutions for commercial and industrial sites
  • Waste to energy across multiple feedstocks
  • Circular economy and resource management
  • Models for regional harmonisation and cooperation
  • Capacity strengthening and skills development

Our experience

Click on the image below to get an overview of island projects we have delivered.

Read the Ricardo RQ magazine article to see examples of our past projects:

A selection of projects where we have supported island states:

  • Micronesia, Marshall Islands, Samoa, Tonga, Tuvalu, Variable Renewable Energy Grid Integration and Evaluation of SCADA and EMS System Design

  • Micronesia, Integration of Solar Energy Technologies

  • Tuvalu, Solar PV Systems for Outer Islands

  • Bermuda, Development of 20-year Integrated Resource Plan (IRP)

  • Bermuda, Review of Legal, Regulatory, and Policy Framework for the Electricity Sector

  • Bermuda, Support for Retail Tariff Reviews

  • Bermuda, Development of Procurement Rules for Renewable Bulk Generation

  • Bermuda, Generation Lifecycle and Investment Planning

  • Bermuda, Development of Performance Incentives and Standards

  • Bermuda, Dynamic Network Studies

  • Bermuda, Grid Code Review

  • Jamaica, Strategic Generation Market Study

  • Jamaica, Tariff Structure Study

  • St. Lucia, Grenada, Development of Operational and Governance Framework

  • St. Lucia, Cost of Service and Tariff Study

  • St. Lucia, Development of Renewable Energy Strategy

  • St Lucia, Dominica and Guyana, Electricity Tariff Structure and New Tariff Design

  • Guyana, Due Diligence of Hydro Generation Project

  • Guyana, Development of Electricity Regulations

  • Guyana, Evaluation and Prioritisation of Loss Reduction Investments

  • Guyana, Management Services for Loss Reduction Programme

  • Barbados, Review of the Integrated Resource Plan (IRP)

  • Bahamas, Electricity Tariff Study

  • Cayman Islands, Electric Utility Investment Program and Operating Performance
  • Indian Ocean region, Framework for Regulatory Oversight for the Regional Electricity Market
  • Sao Tome and Principe, Least-cost Development Plan for Clean and Affordable Energy

  • Nauru, Energy Sector Technical Assistance for the Utilities Authority

  • Nauru, Electricity Supply Security and Sustainability

  • St. Helena, Renewable Energy Project: Optimising Wind Generation Capacity

  • Ascension Island, Waste Strategy and Treatment Options
  • Vanuatu, Transaction Advisory Services
  • Scotland, Sustainable Islands International Programme

  • Scotland, Small Island Energy System Review

  • Scotland, Niche Markets for Wave Energy

  • Scotland, Due Diligence of Tidal Stream Energy Project

  • Gigha (Scotland), Private Wire for Wind Farm

  • Benbecula (Scotland), Community Wind Farm Audit

  • Stronsay (Scotland), Behind-the-meter Battery Assessment for Wind Farm

  • Iona (Scotland), Ground source Heat Pump District Heating System Due Diligence

  • Islay (Scotland), Community Wind Turbine Due Diligence

  • Islay (Scotland), Island Energy System Stakeholder Consultation

  • Islay (Scotland), Distillery Biomass Boiler Procurement Support

  • Jura (Scotland), Distillery Low Carbon Heating System Assessment

  • Jura (Scotland), Distillery Net Zero Strategy

  • Fair Isle (Scotland), Energy System Procurement Support

  • Barra & Vattersay (Scotland), Energy System Funding Support

  • Isle of Bute (Scotland), Carbon Footprint

  • Canna (Scotland), Energy Systems Upgrade Procurement Support

  • Orkney (Scotland), Water Source Heat Pump District Heating feasibility

  • Western Isles (Scotland), Shared Ownership of Windfarms

  • Foula (Scotland), Off- grid Electricity Network

  • Isle of Sheppey (England), Community Renewable Energy Feasibility Study

  • Isle of Man (England), Renewable Energy Sustainability Study

  • Isle of Man (England), Service Delivery Municipal Waste Management

  • Isle of Wight (England), Assessment of Hydrogen Opportunities

  • Guernsey (British Isles), Waste Export Strategy Implementation

  • Jersey (British Isles), Collection, Storage and Dispatch of Domestic Batteries
  • Antigua, Singapore, Micronesia (Federated States of), Dominican Republic, Nauru, Seychelles, National Determined Contributions and Long-term Low Emission Strategy Support

Project highlights

Bermuda Integrated Resource Plan
Project to develop a new 20- year Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) for generation expansion in Bermuda. Ricardo used in- house system planning tools tailored to island systems and coordinated network studies. We demonstrated the least-cost scenario involves significant renewable energy penetration over the next decade. In the new IRP, 85% of energy would come from renewable sources by 2035 and more than 3 million tons of carbon emissions would be avoided. Read more

Isle of Wight Hydrogen Opportunities
Development of solar PV schemes on the Isle of Wight are constrained by the limited capacity on the subsea cables to the mainland. This reduces income and the potential to expand solar PV capacity. We are investigating the potential to produce hydrogen from solar PV, for use in transport. Two options are being considered, road vehicles (cars & vans) and marine (auxiliary power for ferries).

Ascension Island Waste Strategy
Ricardo provided support to Ascension Island to produce a waste strategy for the island. The island is one of the remotest in the world and relies heavily upon imported goods and employs basic waste management practices. As such, markets for products such as compost, digestate and recyclable materials is limited. We reviewed the demographics, industry and waste production on the island and investigated a range of technologies, alongside their costs and suitability for use on the island to manage its waste.

Pacific Islands Renewable Energy Integration
Project to enhance the ability of power utilities in the Pacific region incorporate and manage variable renewable energy. We provided services for analysis of power system impacts of variable renewable energy and grid integration studies; assessment of energy storage applications and needs for SCADA and EMS systems; preparation or improvement of transmission and distribution grid codes; and developing capacity at national utilities on renewable energy integration.


Technical case study:

Renewable energy options towards net zero for a remote island
This technical case study outlines the comprehensive approach we have taken to assess a remote island's available renewable energy options, and to transition its transport sector to electric vehicles. The overall aim was to support the island government in its ambition to achieve its long term net zero emisisons target by 2050.  Read more.

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