Smart grids

Smart grids

Delivering unique and innovative smart grid solutions

Latest news: Ricardo supports UK Power Networks award winning Smart Grid trial

Ricardo offers a range of services to help clients implement smart networks that are intelligently integrating generation, storage and demand in real-time whilst guarding the network assets.

We have extensive experience supporting the development of self-healing and smart grid electricity networks. Our team consists of world leading experts with a deep understanding of the technical and economic challenges associated with the development of intelligent networks, both in the context of urban energy systems as a whole and in rural and off-grid settings. 

In addition to providing technical advice, our experts also have experience facilitating collaborative ventures (bringing together academic institutions, major manufacturers, utilities and investors) on ground break projects, which will shape the future of the energy industry. Our support includes:

  • Strategy advice on the development of future networks.
  • Specifying innovative solutions to improve system reliability and resilience.
  • Technology evaluation.
  • Scoping and management of research and development projects.
  • Advice on innovation funding applications and associated business cases.
  • Advice on market entry - economics and potential barriers.
  • Creating academic and industrial partnerships.

Our experience

  • Flexible Urban Networks - Low Voltage (FUN-LV): Trialling power electronics devices on low voltage distribution networks for the first time, to assess the potential to release existing, latent spare capacity in shorter timescales as an alternative to conventional reinforcement (a Low Carbon Networks Fund Tier 2 Project led by UK Power Networks).
  • Distribution network visibility: Enabling visualisation and analysing data from 9500 secondary substations and 115 primary substations to deliver benefits to the Planning, Asset and Control businesses (a Low Carbon Networks Fund project being developed with UKPN).
  • Online Incipient fault detection and location in overhead lines: Locating and classifying incipient faults and events in overhead lines (part funded by the Knowledge Transfer Partnership).

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