Industrial energy efficiency

Industrial energy efficiency

Improving industrial energy efficiency

Ricardo’s specialists have a proven track record of designing and implementing industrial energy efficiency mechanisms, including voluntary agreements, subsidy policies and carbon markets.

We can provide support to you through policy design; capacity building and technical expertise in industrial emissions abatement; renewable energy; climate finance; measurement, reporting and verification (MRV); and inventory design. Our services include:

  • Establishing energy efficiency programmes that cover supply and demand sides across all major sectors.
  • Supporting governments in the design of new programmes using policy tools such as stakeholder engagement, impact assessment and evaluation.
  • New and emerging technology reviews including abatement assessment, benchmarking and scenario analysis.
  • Supporting companies in meeting their objectives for energy efficiency and carbon reductions.
  • Carrying out energy efficiency compliance auditing.
  • Training and capacity building to manage energy systems and improve energy efficiency.
  • Producing practical ‘how-to’ guides and case studies.
  • Providing benchmark data enabling organisations to compare their energy use with that of competitors and industry best practice.

Our experience

  • Support to the World Bank for the development of energy efficiency certificate trading for the main industrial enterprises in China.
  • Abatement assessments for the UK Committee on Climate Change of industrial sectors (refineries, iron and steel, cement, chemicals, food and drink, and glass) that emit large quantities of carbon dioxide.
  • Developing industrial emissions benchmarks for products and energy use.
  • Implementing a major UK Government programme of tax incentives for capital investment in energy efficiency equipment.
  • Developing and managing the Good Quality Combined Heat and Power (CHP) accreditation system.
  • Managing a programme of industrial energy audits in the Russian Federation for the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

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