Hydrogen consultancy

Hydrogen consultancy

Hydrogen - a low carbon solution 

Driven by governments' climate commitments, environmental policies, advances in clean technology, energy independence and increases in low carbon investments, the world is seeing an increasing demand for low carbon hydrogen. 

Hydrogen - the fuel of the future

​Hydrogen is a versatile energy carrier that provides a huge potential to drive our transition to a future of clean energy. It is a high density source of energy and is usable as a solid, liquid or gas, making it suitable for a number of sectors. As an adaptable fuel, we see hydrogen playing a large role in decarbonising important and far-reaching areas such as transport, heat infrastructure and energy-intensive industrial processes.

Helping organisations understand sustainable low carbon hydrogen

Ricardo supports organisations around the world to better understand sustainable hydrogen and plan for, as well as invest wisely, in this exciting solution to deliver net zero.

We provide comprehensive and independent guidance on all types of hydrogen projects, trusted by industry leaders and governments and have already helped clients with understanding the current and future market, impacts on cities and countries and emerging hydrogen-based technologies.

As a multidisciplinary consultancy our in-house experts span the areas of energy, transport and sustainability, combined with expertise in engineering and experience of supporting governments worldwide with strategy and policy development. Our hydrogen support services include (but are not limited to):

  • Strategy and planning
    • Market assessment to help you understand the developing hydrogen market and determine the potential of hydrogen technology in your sector and sites
    • Understand the emerging policy and the associated support mechanisms and certification
    • Assess the costs and benefits of hydrogen, including capital & operational costs, fuel supply, storage and use and the energy & environmental impacts
  • Pre-development
    • Determining financial and commercial viability of projects
    • Undertaking feasibility studies (including technical and economic analyses of your proposed plans) and selection of sites
    • Assessing and selecting the correct technology as well as establishing proof of concept
    • Advising on funding options available

    • Due diligence of risk both from a technical and environmental perspective and lender's technical advisor role
    • Provide training and support for safety use of hydrogen
    • Assess the environmental performance though Life Cycle Assessment
  • Advisory
    • Technical analysis, risk management, due diligence, and financial advice to deliver a high performing energy project

Decarbonising the maritime sector

A major sector where hydrogen has a real potential to make a difference is in maritime transport. In order to meet decarbonisation targets, the shipping industry must begin replacing traditional heavy bunker fuel with new zero carbon shipping fuels generated from renewable energy within this decade.

Recently we have supported clients in the sector such as the IMO, Ocean Conservancy and P4G in providing economic and market assessments of shipping sectors and locations that will benefit most from the switch to greener fuels.

Download our shipping decarbonisation whitepaper

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