Heat pumps

Heat pumps

Heat pumps

Heat pumps have emerged as having an important role to play for national governments and organisations looking to decarbonise heat and reduce fossil fuel use.

Heat pumps have specific capabilities and requirements that need to be identified, understood and considered before deciding if they are suitable for a specific set of circumstances and, if so, how they can best be implemented.

Ricardo provides strategic advice on the role of heat pumps as part of net-zero strategies, assesses the suitability of buildings or estates for heat pumps through site assessments and feasibility studies and can help plan the deployment of heat pumps.

Our team include dedicated heat pump technical experts as well as wider expertise on electricity connection issues and building energy efficiency. We can provide comprehensive technical support to consider the development of heat pumps.

Ricardo applies its technical expertise across a wide range of heat pump projects, from training on heat pumps for government and financial organisations, and advice to local authorities or public sector bodies with large property portfolios to individual sites with large heat demands. We have even been involved in drafting the standards for heat pumps.

We understand the challenges and opportunities associated with heat pumps. Our services include:

  • Energy efficiency in buildings.

  • Technical and cost assessment of heat pumps.

  • Assessment of property portfolios.

  • Property data analysis.

  • Electricity connection issues.

  • Integration of heat pumps with onsite generation. and energy storage.

  • Concept design.

  • Masterplanning.

  • Performance verification.

  • Net-zero strategy.