Heat networks and district heating

Heat networks and district heating

Heat and cooling networks

Supporting Ricardo’s expertise in heat decarbonisation, our team provides advice across the entire project lifecycle of heat networks (including district heating and communal heating), and cooling networks.

What is a heat network?

Heat networks are a mechanism for distributing heat over distance, whether a campus, a neighbourhood, or even a town or a city. This is done through a network of insulated pipes containing hot water or steam from a large renewable or waste energy source to other buildings. Users of a heat network benefit from lower carbon emissions, improved energy security, and lower energy costs.

Cooling networks act in the same way as heat networks but instead convey cool water through the system. 

Heat network consultancy

Our highly experienced heat network technical specialists work closely with our innovative data analysts and techno-economic modellers to produce practical and cost-effective solutions to help you transition to low carbon energy. Our services include:

Heat mapping from national scale down to campus level that identifies where the co-location of heat resource and heat usage is optimum to develop networks, and where they can achieve most socio-economic impact.     

Energy system modelling benefiting from Ricardo’s wide range of technical experts from bio-energy, storage, carbon capture, power network planning and air quality to best match the opportunities available in an area

Design development and business cases building an evidence base that schemes are deliverable, meet the agreed performance targets that may be unique to the development and the approach has been suitably de-risked  

Employer’s engineer and due diligence giving confidence that construction, commissioning and asset acquisition are being undertaken to best practice

Network optimisation bringing data analysis tools to allow network performance to be identified and improvement opportunities quantified    

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