Heat Decarbonisation Plans

Heat Decarbonisation Plans

Heat Decarbonisation Plans

As organisations evaluate their carbon footprint, it is increasingly recognised that heat derived from fossil fuels is often the largest contributor of CO2 emissions. This presents a significant hurdle to overcome on the journey to net zero.  As the decarbonisation of heat becomes a priority, organisations can require technical support to develop feasibility studies and prepare investment-grade proposals for heat intensive buildings.

Ricardo is supporting organisations to develop detailed and robust Heat Decarbonisation Plans (HDPs), which describe the current state of an organisation’s energy use and its plans for reducing and/or decarbonising it.

The plans are based on site energy audits and subsequent identification and appraisal of low-carbon heating options. They outline what an organisation has already done, what actions are going to be taken, over what timescales, and the intended outcomes.

Our services include:

  • On-site surveying and reporting to provide detailed options for decarbonisation strategies.

  • Calculations on project payback, highlighting any associated financial risks relating to the delivery of individual schemes.

  • Developing strategic and comprehensive Heat Decarbonisation Plans in support of funding applications.

  • Specification and procurement support.

Sectors of our recent projects include the:

  • UK healthcare sector: Ricardo undertook analysis of the power and heat requirements at a hospital site, producing a high-level design specification for a gas-fired CHP and boiler plant to replace the existing coal-fired boilers. The analysis included an assessment of replacing the existing hot water calorifiers with plate heat exchanges and improvements to the site's building energy management system (BEMS), linking to the new boiler and CHP control systems. The CHP was selected to be future-proof via conversion to operate on 20% hydrogen/80% natural gas.

  • Police force: Ricardo analysed energy data across the whole estate and identified measures for decarbonising including low-carbon heating solutions and energy efficiency measures. It also helped secure Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme (PSDS) funding for the implementation which is ongoing.

  • Prisons: Ricardo undertook building fabric assessments at 12 prisons and assessed existing heating systems to determine the suitability of low-carbon alternatives and/or district heating. Support was provided to secure funding from the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme.