Supporting analysis, implementation and management of your biomass requirements

Ricardo’s knowledge and expertise in biomass technology provides you with a comprehensive resource to support all aspects of biomass implementation from researching the most appropriate technology for your organisation, through to identification of most cost-effective fuel procurement. Ricardo also provides insight and technical advice in all aspects of biomethane production and use.

Some more information about the services. Our biomass services include:

  • Technology analysis to help you identify the most appropriate biomass solution for your organisation's operational, regulatory and environmental requirements.
  • Fuel procurement analysis to support your on-going biomass needs, including cost-benefit analysis of projected changes in global supply and demand.
  • Expert witness/public enquiry services.
  • Technology appraisal and due diligence
  • Assessment of decarbonisation options using bioenergy
  • Assessment of environmental impact including: carbon savings, feedstock sustainability, air emissions and water and soil impacts
  • Audit of heat, AD and biomethane plants
  • Insight and technical advice in all aspects of biomethane production and use.

We also have a dedicated team of air quality experts who have extensive experience of supporting organisations and government in the planning and management of air quality from biomass installations including:

  • Design stage advice, focused on emissions prevention – selecting the optimum combination of system, fuel and emissions abatement technology.
  • Air-quality monitoring, including dispersion modelling assessment of individual and multiple sites helping to deliver informed decisions on appropriate stack height and abatement technologies.
  • Independent technical appraisal of planning applications and supporting documentation, such as design plans and developer impact assessments.

Our experience

  •  Over a decade’s work on fuel procurement strategies for companies, assisting in their delivery of bioenergy developments. Our work provided impartial advice on supply options, lifetime feedstock price analysis and guidance on physical and combustion characteristics. Assessment of risks associated with biomass fuel sourcing scenarios, developing a database of evidence on biomass supply strategies (BEIS)
  •  Development of a Biomethane Greenhouse Gas Calculator for Future Biogas, a tool that has helped AD operators producing biomethane to demonstrate that their greenhouse gas emissions are within the limits to qualify for payment under the Renewable Heat Incentive.
  •  Analysis and modelling of biomass resources available in the UK and globally for Government, work that has been used by Government in forward planning and to inform strategy development.
  • Support on energy and waste regulations, providing companies with advice on implications of regulatory requirements, accreditation, monitoring and sampling, sustainability and definition of waste.
  • Presentation of evidence on the environmental impacts of UK and European biomass technologies, including comparative assessment of alternative renewable energy technologies

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