Real world circular economy solutions (bioresources)

Real world circular economy solutions (bioresources)
Real world circular economy solutions (bioresources)

With the circular economy having gained real traction over the last 2 years, most noticeably in Scotland, this webinar provides detailed insights as to what the key opportunities are at national, city and organisational level. 

As part of our work with Zero Waste Scotland and other partners across the UK, Ricardo Energy & Environment have been identifying, scoping, developing and delivering many circular economy projects across all levels of the economy from individual business models (leasing, deposit return schemes, supply chain management) to national and sector-level strategies. 

This webinar is led by Jamie Pitcairn, our lead Circular Economy practitioner, and draws on a couple of private sector case studies (tbc) covering the following topics: 

  • A review of the best circular economy business models and what makes them so good 
  • The bioeconomy: the phenomenal opportunities available through better utilisation of our bioresources (case study ZWS & IBioIC). 

We discuss findings from a report delivered by Ricardo Energy & Environment ‘Biorefining Potential for Scotland : Mapping bioresource arisings across Scotland’. Ricardo was commissioned by Zero Waste Scotland to establish the scale and shape of a potential bioeconomy market, by quantifying and mapping bioresource arisings across Scotland. This is the first time bioresources have been quantified to this level anywhere in the UK, and possibly even in the world. 

Guest speakers 

  • Amanda Ingram, Bioeconomy manager, Zero Waste Scotland 
  • Ian Archer, Technical director, IBioIC – Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre 

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