Electricity North West - Data collection and asset management system

Electricity North West - Data collection and asset management system

Ricardo's Digital Services team and energy experts developed an enterprise grade data management system with web-based management tool, gathering data from around network-scaled sensors.

The network data management system was designed to monitor the temperature of energy sub-station instrumentation and equipment.  Our software, dubbed 'Celsius' sends commands and receives data back from the sub-station monitoring equipment handling circa 200,000 inbound requests per day with a database holding over 325 million rows of measurement data points. Below are some of the interface screens used to enable thorough analysis of the data.

Network Dashboards are used to quickly understand if sites and assets are successfully installed and reporting data. The Dashboards are used to quickly sort and visualise the data and can be downloaded for further analysis across a range of stakeholders.

The system includes automated telemetry over mobile networks, a web application for use on mobile devices, data processing and analysis routines, and an interactive web-based dashboard. The tool helps distribution network operators to maximise the efficiency of their network and the use of the application by Electricity North West has helped to identify opportunities to improve energy network capacity by 50% and helping to maximise investment in existing technology (read more)

The system is highly customisable for use on a wide range of network or asset management and optimisation requirements.