UK Shipping Emissions Inventory

UK Shipping Emissions Inventory

Ricardo has been supporting the UK Government on the development and enhancement of the UK’s National Atmospheric Emissions Inventory for over 30 years.  Surrounded by some of the world’s busiest shipping lanes, air quality pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions from shipping form a significant part of the UK’s emissions inventory.  Our Digital Services team developed a database management system to enable the data to be manipulated by the inventory experts. In managing and processing this data, the Digital Services team was able to

  • Manage an original data set of circa 2 billion rows

  • Process the data to formulate 5-minute interval readings from 1-minute intervals. 

  • Provide extensive processing of the data to reduce this further to approximately 400-500 million rows ready for user manipulation.

Ricardo and its project partner University College London Consultants implemented a new methodology and significant improvements to the emissions inventory using Automatic Identification System (AIS) data. This inventory:

  • Estimates emissions based on actual routes taken by ships;

  • Accounts for actual vessel speeds and loads

  • Expands the previous inventory by including more vessel types, including fishing vessels, and the offshore industry fleet.

  •  Analyses routes of vessels and allocates their emissions as domestic or international trades.

The very high spatial resolution of the data in the enhanced inventory makes it much more useful for studying air quality effects at a local level – it has for example been applied at a resolution of 100m by 100m for the port of Southampton - and provides a valuable technical resource for future planning.

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