Measurement, reporting and verification

Measurement, reporting and verification

Sharing 20 years of expertise in the development of MRV systems

Ricardo is a world leader in all aspects of MRV. In addition to our longstanding work on national-level GHG inventories, we are experts in MRV of Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs) and adaptation actions, as well as MRV of support (such as climate finance and capacity building).

Our MRV support includes:

  • Taking stock of and enhancing existing structures, processes and capacities upon which an MRV system can be built.
  • Designing MRV systems at national, regional and city levels that covers GHG inventories, mitigation and adaptation actions.
  • Developing accounting systems to evaluate progress towards NDC targets.
  • Developing indicator frameworks to help track the implementation of mitigation and adaptation actions.
  • Designing MRV systems for market-based instruments such as emissions trading systems.
  • Design and set-up of data management systems.

We can tailor our services to meet your specific needs and circumstances. This includes adapting approaches so that these are applied to your climate change policy or strategy commitments.

Our experience

  • Helping Mexico, Costa Rica and Colombia to develop their national MRV and accounting systems in line with the Paris Agreement.
  • Designing a national MRV framework for mitigation actions and an NDC tracking approach for Chile.
  • Information Matters: Long-term capacity building support on MRV for Ghana, the Philippines, Chile and the Dominican Republic.
  • Training workshops on the MRV of mitigation actions for the African Development Bank.
  • Developing an implementation guide for Kenya's overarching national MRV system.

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