Greenhouse gas inventories

Greenhouse gas inventories

Supporting the development of greenhouse gas inventories and projections

Ricardo is a world leader in all areas related to GHG inventories. We have operated the United Kingdom Government’s emissions inventory programme for over 30 years including its GHG reporting.

We provide substantive technical contributions to both the IPCC and the UNFCCC. Our experts contribute to international working groups and climate change policy initiatives, bringing exceptional expertise and experience to policy makers. We use our international experience to provide capacity building and training in inventory compilation and reporting to countries across the globe.

We provide support to countries through direct compilation of their national inventories, by assisting countries to establish their own compilation systems (recent examples include: Kenya, Malta, Turkey, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), and in developing their inventory reports.

To support long-term national development we provide training and capacity building. For example, we have directly supported the Government of Vietnam since 2014, to develop and implement a sustainable national GHG inventory system through capacity building and technical support. 

Our GHG experts are also able to provide support in specialist areas, such as projections of non-CO2 GHGs and have assisted United States Environment Protection Agency.

Our experts include accredited UNFCCC GHG inventory reviewers covering energy, industrial process and waste sectors. Our GHG inventory support includes: 

  • National inventory systems
  • Greenhouse gas Inventories
  • QA/QC of inventories
  • MRV of GHG reporting
  • Support at climate negotiations
  • Institutional strengthening
  • Assisting with communications to the UNFCCC
  • Emissions projections, baselines and links to policy appraisal and progress tracking for NAMAs
  • National GHG reduction target setting for governments
  • National calculations of cost benefit analysis and development of Marginal Abatement Cost Curves (MACCs) for climate change policy making
  • Sector-specific capacity building, including emission factor development 

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Developing national MRV frameworks and transparency systems

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