Nationally appropriate mitigation actions (NAMA)

Nationally appropriate mitigation actions (NAMA)

Development and implementation of effective nationally appropriate mitigation actions (NAMA)

Ricardo has expertise in all stages of developing and implementing mitigation plans and policies. We have technical in-house experts who specialise in a wide range of sectors, including energy supply and efficiency, transport, waste, industry and agriculture. This expertise has been developed from our support to INDC development in more than 15 countries and helping countries to implement their NDCs.

Our expertise can help you overcome the barriers to implementating mitigation and to develop a robust and effective long-term strategy. Ricardo has experience in all elements of mitigation planning and NAMA development including:


  • Review and gap analysis of existing data.
  • Modelling ‘business-as-usual’ projections and GHG mitigation scenarios.
  • Constructing marginal abatement cost curves and other cost assessment tools.
  • Assessment of co-benefits, including air quality, job creation and energy access.
  • Sector-specific advice on future trends and mitigation options.

Policy development

  • Assessing policy delivery options, based on sector specific approaches and impacts (for example, standards, fiscal measures and carbon markets).
  • Providing advice on design issues, including sector and GHG coverage, choice of regulated entity and interactions with existing policies.
  • Evaluating competitiveness impacts and ‘carbon leakage’.
  • Making recommendations on governance arrangements to ensure delivery of policy outcomes.

Funding for NAMAs

  • Reviewing funding options (for example, technical assistance, loans, grants and public-private partnerships).
  • Matching with donor priorities and supporting funding applications.


  • Analysing existing data processes and structures.
  • Suggesting indicators for tracking progress in policy implementation.
  • Capacity building on policy evaluation.

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