CFA Nigeria – Projects included in the 2019 process

CFA Nigeria – Projects included in the 2019 process



Project Size




To deploy Solar Hybrid Mini-grids with capacities ranging from 30kW to 65kW (Total Capacity of 475kWp) to ten rural communities in Ijebu East L.G.A, Ogun State, Nigeria with a CAPEX of $3.28 m and an OPEX of $2.99 m. $3.28 m CAPEX
$2.99 m OPEX
Ola Oresany [email protected]   
Tel: (+234)9064576872

Trust Synergy Infrastructure Limited 

A 10MW Solar PV hybrid mini-grid power solution to an economic city being developed by Kano State Government in partnership with the private estate developers -Brains and Hammers. The Kano Economic City is projected to be the largest economic city in West Africa with over 10,000 shops and stalls, warehousing facilities, trailer/trucks park, motels and other ancillary infrastructures on an 117ha land. Market expected to run on a 24-hour basis. $17m
$2.2m in planning, design and development
Najeeb Mahmoud Abdussalam [email protected]

Hotspot Network Limited

Proceeds will be used to roll out 300 Pure Solar Powered Rural Telephone Network under long term contract with MTN/9 Mobile, and roll out of off grid Mini Grids in Rural Areas in such a way that the 300 Rural Telephony sites serve as Anchor Customers and 1000 Micro Grid renewable energy solutions to Telecoms systems/Infrastructure (BTS, Data Centers and NoCs) in Urban and Peri - Urban Areas with a total capacity of 20 MW across West Africa with an immediate roll out plan for 2MW in the 1st Phase in North East and North-central Nigeria $65m Adesola Soetan [email protected]
Tel: (+234)7036561669

PriVida Power Ltd

Establishment of a 60MW Capacity Semi-Automated Triplet PV (Photo-voltaic) Panel Manufacturing Plant in Kogi State, Nigeria. Manufacturing Monocrystalline, Polycrystalline and BIPV (Building Integrated Photo Voltaic) Panels $15m Anthony Usifo  [email protected]

Community Energy Social Enterprise Limited (CESEL)

This project is to deliver electricity using solar hybrid technology to power 54 communities in five states of Nigeria: Bayelsa, Kogi, Ogun,
Ondo and Osun.   We are also working on using 7(No.) Rivers in Ondo
State to generate electricity for some 24 Communities that are in close proximity to the rivers. Both Solar Mini-Grid and Hydro Projects will
deliver 81MW of electricity to off-grid communities.
$143m Dr. Patrick Tolani [email protected]
Tel: (+234)8100000127

RowHam Energy Limited

The project consists of 3 regional biogas production facilities in Kano, Edo and Cross River States that will produce both food-grade CO2 and bio-methane/compressed natural gas (CNG) for the operations of proximately located solar hybrid electric system, starting with a large poultry farm and a 1.4MW solar biogas hybrid mini-grid power system that will supply electricity to the Kano economic City. $29m     Anthony Odey [email protected]

Stratus Consult Limited

Kogi Waste To Energy Facility (KWtEF) uses Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)in
climate resilient green energy technology that is reliable, efficient &
sustainable to the populace in an environmental friendly manner,
associated with socioeconomic benefits  and  reducing GHG emissions.
Stratus Consult Limited is to pilot a 0.99MWh(990KWh) in Lokoja City and 0.99 MWh (990 KWh) in Anyigba City for off-the-grid electricity supply to eligible customers in Kogi State Government.
The Pilot for Lokoja 0.99MWh(990KWh) and Anyigba 0.99MWh (990KWh) are two (2) projects in Kogi State.
Phase One - $15.9m
Phase Two - $160m
Total $175.9m
Prince Xavier Eyamba  [email protected]
[email protected]
Tel: (+234)8070456176 / (+234)7039676267

Technology Plantation Limited

The project will replace 70% of the generators sets in the city of Onitsha with solar power solutions designed to meet the needs of the target users. We propose to replace the existing generators with Hybrid Rooftop Photovoltaic (PV) systems, with individual capacities of 10-50Kilowatts.We envisage retail offtake from small users within the target commercial hubs. To ensure optimal collection, our collection system is designed to collect a base fee from off takers (based on an Individualized subscription-like power purchase agreement). Payment is collected directly from subscribers but assured by the Stakeholders (market association/management). The proposed technology will not require any special land provision since we will be installing the Solar PVs on the roof. However, accommodation will be made for equipment and control units. $5m Collins Peters [email protected]  
[email protected] 
Tel: +234 2994 9901.


1 MW solar powered Incubators for Poultry Farming $9.6m Andrew Chukwuazor [email protected]

Wavelength Integrated Power Services Ltd

Project name: Micro Hydro Mini-grids plus Agricultural Produce Processing Equipment (MHM+APPE)
400 micro hydropower mini-grids generating 20kW each, a total of 8MW to be installed across all geopolitical zones of Nigeria, connecting to productive users as anchor clients, then to 100 households per mini-grid.
Investment required : $40m Oneal Lajuwomi [email protected]


This pilot eco-industrial park to be sited in 20 hectares of land at Obunagha in Bayelsa State, will include a suite of fully-financed inaugural businesses that would help contribute to rapid economic development by establishing a manufacturing hub for industrialization, a one-stop industrial destination that would provide regular 24hrs power, security, clean water, secure accommodation and recreation facilities for businesses. $59.5m   Inemo Samiama [email protected]

Techno Oil

Techno Oil Limited’s Cooksafe Project is an initiative which supports the Federal Government of Nigeria’s push for the widespread adoption of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) as the preferred cooking fuel of choice for all household in Nigeria. This project is principally aimed at discouraging the use of firewood and kerosene by processing previously flared LNG into LPG for domestic use.
The gas flaring problem in Nigeria presents the opportunity for household cooking utilization to make use of resources that would ordinarily be wasted. 60% of all LPG produced is a by-product of natural gas extract and thus resource efficient by its very nature. The Techno Oil Cooksafe Project will harness gas from flare sites across Nigeria, further reducing the emission of greenhouse gasses and contributing to the Federal Government of Nigeria’s efforts to end gas flaring by 2020. 
$25m     Eugene Osimiri  [email protected]

Green Village Electricity

Green Village Electricity Project(s) Expansion (Phase 2)   
Deployment of 48 PV solar mini grids of 50kW each
Total Capital Requirement: $12m
Seeking: $5.4m in Long-term Concessional Debt.  
Ifeanyi Orajaka [email protected]