CFA Phase 2 - Webinars

CFA Phase 2 - Webinars

Webinar 1 - due diligence
Webinar 2 - blended finance
Webinar 3 - termsheet development

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Webinar 1 - due diligence  - 18 December 2018

The first webinar had as main presenters Luis-Carlos Miro Baz of GIZ and Colin McNaught of Ricardo Energy & Environment.

The recording of the webinar together with slides and other key files are given below:

Slides presented by GIZ on Solar mini-grid due diligence in Nigeria  and  by Ricardo on Renewable Energy Due Diligence

Excel tool for Due Diligence of Solar Mini-grids Projects in Nigeria  

Due Diligence Guidelines for Mini-grid Investors in Nigeria 


Webinar 2 - blended finance - 11 January 2019

The second webinar was presented by Lauren Carter and Daniel Rossetto of Climate Mundial.

The recording of the webinar and slide deck are available here:

Slide deck from CFA Webinar - Blended Finance


Webinar 3 - termsheet development 15 January 2019

This webinar was presented by Ian Callaghan, the originator of the CFA

Termsheet template