Our experience - climate adaptation and resilience

Our experience - climate adaptation and resilience

Our experience

National adaptation planning

  • Assessing the co-benefits and trade-offs between adaptation and mitigation for the UK’s Climate Services for a Net Zero resilient World (CS-N0W).

  • Developing a climate and vulnerability assessment of the Maltese economy.

  • Updating adaptation elements of NDCs for a range of countries and updating the State of Palestine’s NDC from an ‘adaptation first’ perspective.

  • Developing Uganda’s LTS, and a roadmap for Jordan’s LTS from an ‘adaptation-first’ perspective.

  • Developing the State of Palestine’s gender-responsive NDC implementation plans for the Agriculture, Energy, Transport, Water, Waste, and Health sectors.

  • Analysing the adaptation-mitigation nexus across the Philippine National Climate Change Action. Plan, national development targets and SDGs.

  • Supporting development of adaptation elements of Intended NDCs for 15 countries.

  • Developing the State of Palestine’s NAP.

National programme design, support, and harmonisation of funding

  • Developing the State of Palestine’s NDC Partnership Plan and NDC Investment Plan.

  • Costing Jordan NDC Actions and assessing adaptation benefits.

  • Evaluating costs and fiscal measures for Colombia’s NDC adaptation actions.

  • Identifying climate vulnerabilities and targeting natural resource management options across three Indian states for the world's largest public works programme (MGNREGS).

  • Economic analyses across seven sectors to substantiate costs of implementing adaptation elements of Zambia’s intended NDC and to support NAP development.

  • Developing a donor harmonisation strategy for Bangladesh development partners supporting climate adaptation projects and programmes.

  • Assessment and scoping for DFID’s climate change programme in Bangladesh.

  • Designing a programme regarding small-scale renewable energy and the climate resilience of associated technologies for Nepal, leveraging finance from domestic and international sources.

Sub-national adaptation planning

  • Identifying and prioritising climate risks and adaptation options for C40 cities, including Addis Ababa, Dar es Salaam, Lagos and Nairobi.

  • Developing adaptation elements of Belgrade’s Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan

Policy development

  • Supporting development of the first EU Adaptation Strategy and the impact assessment for the new EU Adaptation Strategy.

  • Improving gender mainstreaming within the UK International Climate Fund by enhancing inclusion of women and girls in adaptation and mitigation investments and strategies

  • Assessing the implications of climate adaptation for EU employment

Monitoring, evaluation and reporting

  • Preparing implementing acts for EU Member States adaptation reporting.

  • Preparing the monitoring and evaluation framework for the EU LIFE Programme 2021-2027.

  • Supporting evaluation of the first EU Adaptation Strategy.

  • Preparing the ‘Vulnerability assessment, climate change impacts, and adaptation measures’ chapters for the EU’s 7th National Communication and the State of Palestine’s Initial National Communication Report to the UNFCCC.

  • Designing South Africa’s monitoring and evaluation framework for climate change adaptation and mitigation.

  • Mid-term review of the UK Government's programme on Ecosystem Services for Poverty Alleviation (ESPA), including in-country review of projects in Bangladesh and Nepal.

  • Monitoring and evaluation of the long-term progress and impacts of the 100 Resilient Cities Programme.

Guidance and knowledge products:

  • The role of the NAP process in translating NDC adaptation goals into action.

  • Adaptation elements of the Quick Start Guide to NDC Implementation.

  • Guidance on monitoring and evaluation of Kenya’s NDC and NAP.

  • Guidance on update and enhancement of the Philippine Climate Change Action Plan.

  • Supporting selection of modelling tools for climate vulnerability and impact assessment in Georgia and Azerbaijan.

  • Learning materials on ‘leaving no-one behind’ and linking energy access to climate change adaptation for the UK Department for International Development.

  • A format and process for harmonised communication of Country Level Impacts of Climate Change (CLICC).

  • Climate adaptation training and peer-to-peer engagement in 21 European cities, as part of the Adaptation Strategies for European Cities project.

  • Updating the Bangladesh Environmental Profile, including links between climate change impacts and livelihoods, poverty, migration, urban resilience, and environmental governance.

  • Methodological guide for costing Colombia’s NDC adaptation actions.

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