Case study

Case study

Support to self-assessment process of potential NIEs in Bangladesh

Enterprise for International Cooperation (GIZ)) - Ricardo’s Principal Consultant Emelia Holdaway supported 14 institutions in conducting self-assessments as to how far they fulfil the Green Climate Fund (GCF's) criteria for accreditation as National Implementing Entities (NIEs).

A self-assessment tool was developed for the institutions to apply, and bilateral meetings were held with each institution to support and enhance their self-assessment. The bilateral meetings involved firstly introducing the GCF and the accreditation criteria, and then interactively talking through the institution’s conformance with the accreditation criteria including their track record and legal mandate, identifying any potential gaps.

Additionally, each institution’s pipeline of climate resilient and low-carbon projects was considered; while the project pipeline is not part of the accreditation process, it is an important aspect of an NIE’s ability to ‘hit the ground running’ once accredited.

Common challenges across the institutions were identified during the course of the project; with concrete actions being recommended at both the institutional and national level (e.g. where the institution relies on fiduciary processes set at the national level and common across government departments).

Emelia presented at a 2-day strategic workshop opened by the Finance Minister, to identify how to strategically proceed with NIE identification and capacity-building, in order for Bangladesh to directly access the GCF.