Urban air quality

Urban air quality

Our urban air quality services

Improving city air quality and helping protect the health of your citizens

Understanding and managing urban air quality is complex and technically challenging.  Ricardo has been working with cities across the world to address this challenge and help cities protect the health their citizens.  We provide support across three main areas:

  1.  Measuring air quality and emissions – this is a key step in understanding the nature of the air pollution problem in your city and communicating this to your residents.  We can set up monitoring systems, manage the data and present this through a number of platforms.  Ricardo also has a unique expertise in measuring real world emission from vehicles in cities, a key component of urban air pollution.
  2. Modelling air quality – with our purpose bespoke air quality modelling system RapidAir we can forecast air quality quickly and reliably.  This can be used for pollution forecasts but also for modelling and assessing mitigation measures.
  3. Understanding solutions – our experts have a deep understanding of a wide range of measures that can be used to reduce emissions and improve air quality form sustainable transport measures to energy efficient buildings.  Combined with our modelling capability we can lever this knowledge to develop low emission strategies for your cities to help improve air quality and protect public health.

As a multi-disciplinary consultancy, we also understand the integrated nature of a city and how air quality links with urban transport policy, energy and climate change, waste and water.  This puts us in a unique position to solve your air quality problems as part of a wider approach to a sustainable city.

We also understand that to deliver successful and long terms improvements we need to develop a partnership approach with your city working with your existing expertise and knowledge, but also building future capacity through training and skills development.