Cities and climate change

Cities and climate change
GHG inventories and capacity building

GHG inventories and capacity building

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Technical expertise on city climate action

We understand that planning for climate change has become a key strategic issue for cities and local governments across the world, who are taking unprecedented steps to reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, tackle climate change and improve air quality for their citizens. From impactful mitigation policies to robust adaptation projects, these governments can lead on climate action, and our experts are supporting many of them every step of the way.

Ricardo has an extensive technical background in all aspects of city GHG management and climate action planning. From the sector-specific to the city-wide, we specialise in developing city-level emission inventories, and using these inventories to build scenarios and set reduction targets. We help cities identify mitigation actions and develop climate action plans through tailored in-depth training, capacity building, and technical support, as well as plan for the unavoidable effects of climate change.

Our team at Ricardo is passionate about building capacity in cities to find solutions. Read more about our work here or contact us to find out more.

  • City GHG emission inventories, modelling and projections / “Developing city level GHG inventories and mitigation analysis”
  • City climate action planning / “Planning the future we want to see”
  • Training and capacity building

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