Derive greater insight from your air pollution data

Worldwide, the range and scope of air quality and environmental data compiled each year continues to increase at a rapid rate. Measurements from traditional air quality networks are increasingly being supplemented with myriad data from sensors, creating opportunities for new insights into the factors that control air pollutant concentrations in cities and elsewhere.

These increases in data availability present new challenges for air quality practitioners and researchers. i.e.

  • What is the best way of working with such data?
  • What are the opportunities for developing a better understanding of air pollution sources?, and
  • Can changes in air pollution be associated with policy measures to mitigate impacts?

These, and many other questions, are at the heart of modern air quality data analysis.

The open-source software openair was developed to help answer these types of question. Openair can be used more effectively when coupled with R – the programming language it is written in. The software has evolved enormously in recent years, offering those with an interest in R vast potential to perform more effectively and innovatively.

Ricardo’s 3-day, in-person training, masterclass in openair and R is designed to help overcome common data analysis challenges. The course covers the basics of openair through to considering how R can be used to enhance analysis for greater insight. Building on feedback from past courses, training has been updated and refined to better meet the needs of air quality practitioners worldwide.

Who should attend?

Courses are designed for air quality practitioners and researchers who want to make their analysis more efficient and reproducible, extend capabilities and develop lasting expertise in modern approaches to data analysis.

Learn from the lead developer of openair and R expert

Ricardo’s openair and R training is delivered by tutors Dr David Carslaw, lead developer of openair, R expert, Jack Davison. As one of the original developers of the software, David and Jack are ideally-placed to offer users practical training on how to approach data analysis; the best tools and techniques to use to yield the most insight; and how to critically review and interpret data in a meaningful way.

  • Become an expert user of openair software,
  • Write and test your own analysis queries,
  • Critically analyse data sets using specialist tools and techniques,
  • Share and collaborate with other users to develop new tools and solutions.

A large proportion of training consists of practical exercises during which users will benefit from the opportunity to practise advanced analysis techniques and approaches using their own data. Learning within a familiar context encourages better understanding and knowledge retention.

To register or more information on Ricardo's openair and R masterclass in-person training, please register your interest here.