Air quality public information and alert services

Air quality public information and alert services

Helping you meet your public reporting goals and priorities

99% of the global population breathes air that exceeds WHO air quality limits, threatening the respiratory health of billions1. Air pollution has been identified as the 4th leading risk factor for early deaths worldwide2.

Publicly available information on the quality of the air we breathe has become a high-profile issue. This was highlighted by the coroner in the tragic case of the death of young Ella Kissi-Debrah – who in 2020, become the first person in the UK to have air pollution listed as a cause of death3. In his report, the coroner stated that “there is low public awareness of the sources of information about national and local pollution levels. Greater awareness would help individuals reduce their personal exposure to air pollution. / ...publicising this information is an issue that needs to be addressed by national as well as local government.”4

As a result, many local authorities are identifying a need for real-time air quality public information and alerts in order to protect vulnerable members of the community from the adverse impacts of poor air quality.

How can Ricardo help?

We can provide a portfolio of solutions tailored to your air quality data dissemination needs, producing cost effective, proven data portals and information systems that are recognised as best in class. Our services include provision of:

  • Reliable health alert services and apps for current and upcoming pollution events.
  • Educational packages providing advice on health impacts, how to reduce pollutant emissions, and actions to be taken if high pollution concentrations are experienced.
  • Accurate, real time, open access, air pollution visual data displays, which are user friendly.
  • Industry leading QA/QC procedures designed to support the highest levels of data accuracy, maximising data capture and providing analytical insight from your monitoring stations.
  • Use of R and openair data analysis tools to produce insightful, interactive online reporting which includes display of dynamic data tables and graphs.

Ricardo has decades of experience in the successful delivery of bespoke, informative, public-facing air quality information websites such as Defra UK-AIR, Air Quality England, Air Quality Scotland, Gibraltar, Heathrow Airwatch and KentAir. All of which are fully modular and easily configurable to suit customer needs.

We have also developed many fun and informative educational modules including Scottish Air Pollution Detectives, Welsh Young Dragons and Northern Ireland Pollution Busters.

Our alert services include Air Quality Scotland’s “Know & Respond” app and the Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire Air Pollution Alert System.

Deliver reliable, accurate and timely public air quality information

  • Protect the health of local citizens and reduce costs associated with intervention measures by investing in early warning pollution information systems that empower members of the public to make better informed decisions regarding their air pollution exposure.
  • Ricardo’s bespoke public information and alert services are modular in nature, making them easily configurable to client needs. Visual display information is constructed as specified and tailored to help you meet your public reporting goals and priorities.
  • Save on staff resource and investment in new technologies and/or platforms, by working with an established provider with a proven track record in delivering reliable, accurate and insightful presentation of air quality data across a wide range of platforms.
  • Data quality services are underpinned by Ricardo’s powerful in-house data management software MODUS, employing robust QA/QC procedures to ensure results are of the highest data quality and defensible under challenge.

Successful management and delivery of known and trusted services like Air Quality England and the “Know & Respond” app and alert service means Ricardo’s team of data visualisation experts are well placed to understand your public communication challenges and provide solutions that best meet your needs.

For more information on our air quality public information and alert services or to discuss how Ricardo can support you to meet your public communication and information goals, get in touch via the form on this page.