Data visualisation & engagement

Data visualisation & engagement

Industry leading air quality data visualisation and stakeholder engagement

As one of Europe’s leading specialist air quality consultancies, we have been handling millions of air quality data points for many years. We run the UK’s foremost air quality database, including air quality measurements, air emissions data, and interpolated data on baseline air quality for every square kilometre in the UK.

We have the tools and expertise to identify the key themes and explain the meaning behind simple numbers.  Plus we are now able to go beyond this to use the latest data mining analysis techniques to obtain much more detailed information from investments in air quality monitoring and model data. 

But what does all this data mean? And what should we be doing about it?

Public engagement is critical, and increasing, as interest in improving air quality rises around the world. Communicating complex scientific data to a range of stakeholders is challenging - we use the latest data visualisation techniques to help you understand the influence of different sources on measured levels of air pollutants.

These techniques greatly increase the value that we can derive from investments in air monitoring, helping to highlight the key factors which affect air pollution levels and enabling informed decisions to be taken on actions.

We manage data archives giving free access to hundreds of air quality datasets, including the UK and Scotland national air quality archives, as well as websites for local authorities and businesses such as Heathrow Airport.

We produce educational materials to ensure that young people can grow up with an understanding of air pollution and the difference that they can make, click here to view an example of an air quality website we produced for Heathrow Airport.

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