Our Expectations for Suppliers and Contractors

Our Expectations for Suppliers and Contractors

We recognise that our suppliers and contractors are engaged in a wide range of activities, differ considerably in size and have varying experience in safety, health and environmental management. Ricardo Energy & Environment is therefore not prescriptive in its requirements although we do expect, as a minimum, that our suppliers:

  • Understand their own health and safety issues and environmental impacts and the choices available to them to minimise these impacts;
  • Understand Ricardo Energy & Environment's health and safety issues and environmental impacts (see our Safety, Health and Environmental Report) and be proactive in helping us to improve our safety, health and environmental performance;
  • Comply with relevant safety, health and environmental legislation

For contractors working at our sites or working on our customers' sites, we require, in addition, compliance with relevant health & safety instructions which will be provided for each contract by the appointed contract supervising officer.  In particular, we require that incidents are reported when working on Ricardo Energy & Environment sites or those of our clients that involve harm to people, equipment or the environment.

Incidents should be reported:

  • In the first instance, to the Ricardo Energy & Environment contract officer

The report should include the following information:

  • Name of persons involved
  • Contact details
  • Date
  • Location of incident
  • Nature of incident
  • Immediate action taken
  • Any follow up action taken

The Useful Health & Safety Links page suggests resources for help and advice on improving safety, health and environmental performance.

Please also see Ricardo Energy & Environment Contractor and Supplier Expectations (pdf). 

Ricardo Energy & Environment has minimum expectations relating to the safety, health and environmental performance of our suppliers. These are:

  • Legal compliance with all applicable safety, health and environmental legislation
  • Use of competent and trained staff
  • Appropriate risk management measures in place.

Please also see our  policies