Product and organisation environmental footprinting

Delivering compliant PEF and OEF studies and reports

Ricardo Energy & Environmnet are well versed with the product environmental footprinting (PEF) and organisation environmetal footprinting (OEF) guidance documents and are able to apply our strong skillsets in life cycle analysis (LCA) and environmental product declarations (EPD) to produce fully complaint PEF/OEF studies and reports.

Members of our team have been directly involved in the development of evidence bases for Green Public Procurement specification, Ecolabel criteria and Ecodesign Directive implementing measures. We have extensive experience undertaking LCAs and EPDs; demonstrated through our corporate membership and listing as individual verifiers through The International EPD® System. We offer bespoke services to ensure the fulfilment of PEF and/or OEF requirements, including:

  • Screening of PEFCR/OEFSR reports
  • Complete PEF/OEF study according to the guidance documents or relevant published PEFCR/OEFSR.
  • Data collection and management.
  • Product portfolio management.
  • Sustainability strategy development.
  • Assistance with reporting over a range of standards.


Simon Gandy

Principal Consultant

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