Energy management and ISO 50001

Energy management and ISO 50001

Ricardo Energy & Environment can help you to implement effective energy management as an easy way to reduce operational costs and provide extra capital to help your organisation grow.

We can help you improve the way you manage your energy, enabling reduced costs and risks. We can help you to identify and implement a well-defined and suitable energy management system to support your organisation to improve its energy performance, often providing a return on investment within a year of implementation.

We can help your organisation to develop an efficient energy management system that will:

  • Measure your organisation’s energy usage
  • Develop an energy reduction strategy
  • Identify energy efficiency measures
  • Set energy baselines and targets
  • Develop documentation to support system accreditation
  • Develop an action plan to help you reduce your energy wastage
  • Undertake staff training and engagement
  • Develop a plan to reduce the burden of data collection and verification at compliance periods
  • Help to continually improve your organisation’s energy management

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