Energy efficiency measures

Identifying and quantifying energy efficiency measures

Ricardo Energy & Environment can support to you in the identification and quantification of energy efficiency measures. Our experts will help you to understand the energy saving opportunities available to your organisation and can guide you on the most appropriate measures and actions to take. On average, we are able to identify savings of more than 10% for our customers. Our services include:

  • Site audits to identify energy efficiency measures.
  • Behaviour change workshops and training.
  • Quantification of measures, both in terms of energy and financial savings.
  • Management of energy data and development of baseline energy use.

Improving energy efficiency doesn’t stop at identifying opportunities. We can also help you to prioritise which measures to implement and to develop the business case to secure the necessary investment. Following on from this we frequently support our customers in the wider aspects of project implementation and savings verification.

Rebecca Turner

GHG Reporting Knowledge Leader

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