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Delivering successful development of renewable energy systems

Ricardo Energy & Environment's team has been instrumental in the creation and development of the United Kingdom (UK) market for renewable energy. Today, Ricardo Energy & Environment works closely with the European Commission, the UK Government and Uk Regulators on the design and implementation of policies, including incentives and environmental criteria. Our work includes audits of solar, wind, biomass and marine energy investments, so we know what works and can use this knowledge to enable future projects to maximise their returns.

Our experience gives us unique insights into upcoming issues and likely policies and regulations and their impact on the wider markets and their impact on project level investments. From this experience, we now provide independent and uniased market, technical and environmental advice to a range of European and international investors, drawing on our detailed insights into technical, financial and environmental performance . Our services include:

  • Policy analysis and evaluation
  • Anaysis & reporting of generation statistics
  • Assessing supply chain economic impacts
  • Assurance and auditing
  • Review and management of R&D programmes
  • Development of corporate strategy and targets
  • Screening for investment opportunities
  • Feasibility studies
  • Due dilligence
  • Environmental impacts

Our experience

  • Wind and hydroelectric – site identification. A community organisation wished to earn significant additional income from a small- to medium-scale renewable energy investment. By carrying out an assessment of a range of renewable energy options, we determined that wind and hydroelectric had the best match to the client’s requirements.
  • Anaerobic digestion – Best practice for communities Ricardo Energy & Environment supported WRAP to improve its understanding of the nature of community and farm-based AD and the barriers to development. Our report outlined prioritised mechanisms and next steps, for example developing guidance for due diligence and community consultation, and supporting identification of grid connections and waste feedstock
  • Solar PV – due diligence - Our client, a social housing owner, wanted to expand a solar PV pilot project. This work involved:
    • Assessing the initial pilot project and plans for a wider roll-out to several thousand PV systems.
    • Undertaking a due diligence review of the planned roll-out, using the results of the pilot.
    • Evaluating the planned roll-out in terms of delivery model, financial model and risk to all parties.

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Renewable Energy Knowledge Leader

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