Climate resilience and adaptation

Adapting to climate change for a more resilient future

Ricardo Energy & Environment combines technical expertise with practical experience across all aspects of adaptation planning to help countries and institutions adapt to climate change. Our in-house adaptation sector experts include the agriculture, ecosystems, energy and water sectors.

We have a proven track record of working with local, regional, national and international institutions and stakeholders to link climate adaptation and development goals, and provide policy and programme support for the design, implementation and assessment of climate-resilient solutions.

Ricardo Energy & Environment provides a range of services to embed climate resilience in all aspects of adaptation planning and strategy through multidisciplinary approaches and partnerships with international and local organisations.  Our services include:

  • Mainstreaming climate resilience into development programmes, plans and policies.
  • Developing local, city-level and national adaptation policies, strategies and plans by providing underpinning research and technical support, including supporting countries to implement the National Adaptation Plan (NAP) process.
  • Appraising adpatation interventions and identifying priorities through climate-risk assessments, vulnerability studies and evaluation studies including cost-benefit analysis and value-for-money research. 
  • Designing and implementing adaptation monitoring, evaluation and reporting systems, to support internal programme appraisals and fulfil countries' international reporting obligations.
  • Costing adaptation options and supporting access to adaptation finance.
  • Providing training, advisory and capacity building services to raise awareness and build institutional capacity.

Our experience

  • ​Mainstreaming climate resilience into investment in rural infrastructure under the Mahatma Gandhi​ National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS) to support rural economic growth and improve the climate resilience of vulnerable people in India, especially women and girls.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the long term progress and impacts of building resilience in  cities, under the 100 Resilient Cities Programme.
  • Supporting the development (2012) and evaluation (2017) of the EU Adaptation Strategy.
  • Developing a common format and process for countries to communicate the impacts of climate change at the national level, as part of the Country Level Impacts of Climate Change (CLICC) project.
  • Designing the South Africa climate change response monitoring and evaluation system (adaptation and mitigation).
  • Providing adaptation knowledge development, training and peer-to-peer engagement in 21 European cities, as part ofthe Adaptation Strategies for European Cities project. 
  • Improving gender mainstreaming within the UK International Climate Fund (ICF) by enhancing the consideration of women and girls in ICF investments and strategies. 
  • Economic analysis across seven sectors to substantiate the costs of implementing the adaptation component of Zambia’s Intended Nationally Determined Contribution and support the development of the NAP.

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International Climate Change Policy Manager

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