Carbon markets

World-leading expertise on carbon market design and implementation

Ricardo Energy & Environment’s experts have a proven track record of designing and implementing robust carbon market mechanisms in industrialised and developing countries that enable our customers to achieve environmental and economic progress.

Our work brings together expertise on policy design, capacity building and technical expertise in industrial emissions abatement, renewable energy deployment, climate finance, measurement, reporting and verification, and inventory design. 

  • System design (including sector and GHG coverage), choice of regulated entity, and interactions with existing policies and enforcement regimes.
  • Developing complementary approaches to carbon markets, including energy efficiency and renewable energy trading policies.
  • Cap-and-target setting, underpinned by technical analysis of sectoral abatement potential.
  • Allowance distribution options including developing benchmarks and approaches to auctioning.
  • Analysis of impact of linking systems and use of offset credits, including price impact, harmonisation and price stability mechanisms.
  • Developing complementary mechanisms to support the development and deployment of clean technologies.
  • Evaluating carbon leakage and competitiveness impacts.
  • Developing MRV frameworks and guidance.
  • Building emissions inventories and registries.
  • Training and capacity building including design of institutions needed for implementation and operation.
  • Regulatory assistance

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