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Ricardo Energy & Environment has been the UK’s leading air quality monitoring organisation for many years, and our monitoring expertise is increasingly recognised internationally.  Robust monitoring is essential for understanding compliance with regulatory limits but just as importantly for designing effective and targeted actions for improving air quality and reducing impacts on health and the environment. We have been providing bespoke air quality monitoring solutions for over six decades and our work provides the bedrock for the UK’s national air quality monitoring network. This means that we are ideally placed to develop bespoke air quality monitoring solutions for clients in the public and private sector. Our services include: 

  • Design and installation of continuous monitoring surveys and networks to the same standards as those used in the national networks
  • Design and installation of bespoke air quality monitoring surveys for any other air pollutant
  • MODUS, a robust, reliable and effective management of air quality data, enabling automated data collection, validation, quality assurance and dissemination through websites and apps for mobile devices.
  • Modelling and data visualisation using state of the art techniques for presenting and interpreting complex data in an engaging and accessible format.
  • UKAS accredited Airborne Particle Measurement Centre, delivering industry-leading particle measurement services quantifying particle numbers, mass, size, together with calibration and advice. 
  • Assessment and management of nanomaterials
  • Dedicated odour laboratory provides the essential combination of UKAS accredited odour monitoring (olfactometry) with expertise in assessment and management of odours.
  • Vehicle emissions monitoring, helping you to understand the impact of real-world vehicle performance

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