Training and capacity building

The decisions we need to make about our waste management services, policies and infrastructure require more analysis and evaluation than ever before. Whether your organisation is in the public, private or third sector it will benefit from being able to anticipate and adapt to the continuously changing policy and legislation facing industry. Senior management, more than ever in these austere times, needs to make informed decisions to make best use of resources, while improving environmental performance and engaging successfully with key stakeholder groups, including service users and staff. Analysing your organisation’s capacity needs and undertaking a training assessment for key staff and decision makers is vital.

The big issues

With increasing options available in terms of waste collection storage, treatment and disposal there is a clear need for decision makers to be fully abreast of good practice within these options on which they could base their new services.

With more emphasis being placed on stakeholder engagement and the delivery of consensual solutions, organisations need more support than ever before with communications and decision-making tools. Having a tailored training programme that meets your needs provides a direct return on your investment through your staff gaining from learning new skills and becoming up to date, your customers profiting from improved services and performance, and overall your organisation benefiting from being more efficient, competitive and sustainable.

Why Ricardo Energy & Environment?

  • Ricardo Energy & Environment has an impressive track record in working with organisations on behaviour change, change management and staff improvement through tailored needs assessment and the delivery of bespoke training courses and materials.
  • Ricardo Energy & Environment has developed innovative training materials for a range of key audiences (e.g. central Government departments and local authorities), which cover topics from climate change and advanced treatment technologies to public engagement and media management.
  • Ricardo Energy & Environment can draw on the wide-ranging experience of its consultants, some with ‘hands-on experience’ of working or contracting for a local authority and can, therefore, offer a reality check to course participants.
  • Ricardo Energy & Environment can provide its clients with the tools and skills to run their own internal courses.

Ricardo Energy & Environment can deliver the following key services in support of its clients’ training and capacity building requirements:

  • Training needs assessments.
  • Training plan design.
  • Keeping up to date on legislative and policy changes.
  • Ensuring compliance with continuing professional development requirements.
  • Developing skills to drive forward new strategies or services.
  • Helping elected members make effective decisions.
  • Institutional strengthening and knowledge transfer programmes.
  • Training course design and delivery.
  • Workshop facilitation.
  • Community outreach and training.
  • Crew training.
  • Toolkit development.
  • Train the trainer programmes.


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