Ricardo Energy & Environment to provide insights on electric vehicles at LowCVP conference


Ricardo Energy & Environment will be providing insights on the life-cycle emissions of electric vehicles at a Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership (LowCVP) event later this week.

 The LowCVP’s tenth annual conference will address the need to assess the emissions of new fuel and vehicle technologies ‘beyond the tailpipe’. The event will focus on how changes in the way vehicles are powered will affect policy makers, vehicle and energy suppliers and also cover what needs to be done to engage consumers in the process. 

Ricardo Energy & Environment’s knowledge leader in transport technology and fuels, Nikolas Hill, will use the findings from a study conducted by the consultancy for the Committee on Climate Change earlier this year to present on life-cycle assessment for hybrid and electric vehicles. 

The study, on the lifecycle emissions of low-carbon technologies, broke down estimated lifecycle emissions by lifecycle stage and identified key emission sources and the location of these emissions (i.e. UK and non UK emissions). Nikolas’ presentation will highlight that lifecycle emissions of electric vehicles are currently significantly lower than those of conventional alternatives and are likely to be further reduced in the future.

“Reasons for the projected reductions in emissions from electric vehicles include the anticipated increases in low carbon power generation and improved recycling of batteries,” said Nikolas Hill. “In addition, improvements in technology are predicted to result in more efficient electric vehicles using much smaller batteries with higher energy storage density. This should help to reduce emissions and increase the distances travelled by electric vehicles between recharges.”

Other speakers at the event include transport minister Norman Baker; David Kennedy, chief executive of the Committee on Climate Change and other leading representatives of the UK government, the European Commission and the automotive industry.

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Leading environmental consultancy Ricardo Energy & Environment has grown by around 20 percent in Scotland over the past year.
Ricardo Energy & Environment is currently working on a number of projects in Scotland across resource efficiency, carbon management, renewables and air quality. A major area of focus at present is supporting the Scottish Government and Zero Waste Scotland in moving Scotland towards a zero waste economy and in particular providing support to SMEs to realise the substantial economic benefits available through resource efficiency.
Leadership by the Scottish government in important policy areas such as resource efficiency and the development of the Low Carbon Economic Strategy intends to increase the value of the low carbon goods and services sector to more than 10 percent of the Scottish economy by 2015, creating 60,000 green jobs. The Low Carbon Economic Strategy also aims to encourage Scottish companies to exploit commercial opportunities.
Jamie Pitcairn, director of Ricardo Energy & Environment in Scotland said: “The growth of Ricardo Energy & Environment in Scotland is a direct result of the country’s ambitious targets, supported by the policies and practical leadership of the Scottish government. We look forward to supporting both government agencies and the private sector in realizing the potential for a low carbon Scot