Ricardo Energy & Environment reveals details of its support for the Kenya climate change action plan

  • Kenya’s National Climate Change Action Plan aims to guide the country along a climate resilient and low carbon development pathway

  • Ricardo Energy & Environment is today revealing details of its work in helping deliver the National Performance and Benefit Measurement Framework (NPBMF) – a key component of the Action Plan

  • The NPBMF includes a unique MRV+ (Measurement, Reporting and Verification) system designed by Ricardo Energy & Environment integrating climate mitigation and adaptation actions

The NPBMF developed by Ricardo Energy & Environment with partners LTS International and Baastel is one of the key sub-components of Kenya’s climate change action plan. It includes a unique MRV+ system designed by Ricardo Energy & Environment that will enable Kenya to ‘measure, report and verify’ mitigation actions, ‘monitor and evaluate’ adaptation actions, and highlight the synergies between mitigation and adaptation actions.

The system will help inform and guide the Kenyan Government on the implementation of concrete climate change response actions, whether in the form of policies, projects, programmes or business ventures.  As such it will help the country fulfil its international reporting obligations, for example in the development of Kenya’s greenhouse gas inventory. It will also help to track mitigation and adaptation actions ready to report to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

“Ricardo Energy & Environment was pleased to have been able to contribute to this important climate change initiative for Kenya,” said Ricardo Energy & Environment principal consultant Gill Wilkins. “The national performance and benefit measurement framework demonstrates Kenya’s climate finance readiness and provides a strong platform for attracting international finance from multilateral and bilateral development partners.

“We’re particularly proud of our role in designing the MRV+ system which required expertise in a wide range of areas including greenhouse gas inventories, measurement reporting and verification, data management, indicator development and capacity needs assessment. Critical to its success was an ability to adapt this knowledge to the Kenyan context.”

The MRV+ system report is available for download here. The full NPBMF report can be downloaded from the Kenya Climate Change Action plan website along with the Kenya Climate Change Action Plan main report, executive summary and documents from all other sub-components.

Leading environmental consultancy Ricardo Energy & Environment has grown by around 20 percent in Scotland over the past year.
Ricardo Energy & Environment is currently working on a number of projects in Scotland across resource efficiency, carbon management, renewables and air quality. A major area of focus at present is supporting the Scottish Government and Zero Waste Scotland in moving Scotland towards a zero waste economy and in particular providing support to SMEs to realise the substantial economic benefits available through resource efficiency.
Leadership by the Scottish government in important policy areas such as resource efficiency and the development of the Low Carbon Economic Strategy intends to increase the value of the low carbon goods and services sector to more than 10 percent of the Scottish economy by 2015, creating 60,000 green jobs. The Low Carbon Economic Strategy also aims to encourage Scottish companies to exploit commercial opportunities.
Jamie Pitcairn, director of Ricardo Energy & Environment in Scotland said: “The growth of Ricardo Energy & Environment in Scotland is a direct result of the country’s ambitious targets, supported by the policies and practical leadership of the Scottish government. We look forward to supporting both government agencies and the private sector in realizing the potential for a low carbon Scot