Resource Efficiency & Waste Management

7 key considerations to effectively manage contracts

Posted by Brian Mayne on 4 January 2017

Today, many local authorities out-source part or all of their waste management and associated services to the private sector via a contract arrangement. Like their in-house counterparts, these services need to be high performing and cost-effective, particularly given the current and future projections of public sector finances. It is therefore essential when procuring services that sound contract management practices are devised at the beginning of the process, and then rigorously adopted and implemented throughout the contract period to achieve full value for money, whilst reviewing their performance throughout the life of the contract to ensure they are still delivering for you.

Effective decision-making on environmentally sensitive proposals

Posted by Ben Stansfield on 4 January 2017

Some 500-600 Environmental Statements (ESs) are submitted in support of development proposals each year in England. Over time the size and scope of these studies have grown, reflecting additional environmental criteria (with more on the way through new Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Regulations to be transposed into legislation by 16 May 2017) and the rise of legal challenges. This, combined with demands to meet regulatory timeframes, puts increasing pressure on local authorities to ensure ESs provide the information necessary to make effective decisions and satisfy the statutory requirements of the EIA Regulations and relevant guidance.

Project Sponsorship and Governance – the importance of Elected Members in Service Change Projects

Posted by Lorna Pannett on 4 January 2017

Over the last 12 months I have spent many hours speaking to Elected Members about public realm services and about how and why change is necessary to keep services up to date. What has struck me during these sessions is the genuine concern that members have to understand the implications of their decisions, to see the evidence to support suggested change and to understand the ramifications for householders and the public purse.

Supporting councils' waste departments through the austerity

Posted by Victoria Hutchin on 4 January 2017

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Austerity revisited – to cut, to change or to charge

Posted by Bryan Mayne on 22 December 2016

Now six years since austerity first hit, the pinch is still being felt by local authorities. This is likely to be so for at least another five years or so – possibly far longer, depending on the impacts of Brexit. Some authorities have seen as much as 40% cut from their budgets. With Public Realm services placing one of the largest demands on local authority budgets, they have, understandably, been exposed to significant scrutiny and cost saving measures. It is not all negativity and gloom, however, with local authorities delivering innovation and efficiencies in response to the ever-tightening financial constraints.

What does the second Contracts for Difference (CfD) allocation round mean for energy from waste (EfW) schemes?

Posted by Martin Williams on 14 December 2016

*Martin Williams looks at the second allocation round (Round 2) for Contracts for Difference (CfD) and what this might mean for energy from waste technologies such as advanced conversion technologies (ACTs) and anaerobic digestion (AD).*

Need to cure (recycling) contamination?

Posted by Gareth Morton on 7 November 2016

*Contamination CAN be cured!* That was the main message from our recent webinar which was attended by nearly 100 people (and there were probably many more huddled round computer screens in team meetings up and down the country!). However, the other main message from our webinar is that there is no simple fix: *reducing contamination takes time and effort to coordinate policy, operations and communications to address the issues.*

Top tips for tip top contract management

Posted by Brian Mayne on 3 November 2016

Contract management covers all aspects of managing a relationship with a supplier, whether it’s a residual waste treatment, street cleansing or a collections contract. Gone are the days when contracts were signed and filed away to collect dust and the supplier left to ‘get on with it’. Contract managers are recognised as being vital to ensure suppliers not only fulfil their contractual obligations but, wherever possible, increase efficiency, add value and react to changing circumstances.

Learnings from the LARAC Conference

Posted by Gareth Morton on 1 November 2016

Ricardo Energy & Environment was at LARAC again this year, to meet clients and friends old and new, as well as contribute to the debates that were being had inside and outside the conference auditorium. The big themes of the event were the circular economy, consistency, on-going austerity, as well as recycling contamination.

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