Resource Efficiency & Waste Management

From austerity comes innovation and revolution?

Posted by Adam Read on 2 November 2015

I must apologise upfront, but this will not be the longest of my regular blogs, nor will it be jammed packed with detail, data and fact. I am a little busy right now with work and our new house, so much of my spare time is now focused on reclaim, reuse and repair, making old furniture fit our new home and recycling artwork to suit the new colour scheme etc., that’s when I am not playing football, rugby and going swimming with my 3½ year old Avengers mad son that is!

15th International Waste Management & Landfill Symposium - Sardinia 2015

Posted by Adam Read & Nia Owen on 19 October 2015

Earlier this month, we attended ‘Sardinia 2015’ – one of the world’s largest dedicated waste management research conferences. There were 700 delegates and over 1000 technical papers, workshops and meetings over 5 days in the Forte Village outside Cagliari – a fantastic place to focus the minds of the world’s leading waste and resource management researchers, academics and practitioners.

Bad Bins: Stemming the tide of contamination

Posted by Gareth Morton, Principal Consultant, Resource and Waste Management on 13 October 2015

Over the past decade, recycling levels have steadily inched upwards. However there is a major challenge facing services: the creeping, inexorably rising threat of contamination within commingled collections.

The new English carrier bag charge – what you need to know

Posted by Dr Nia Owen, Principal Consultant, Resource and Waste Management on 2 October 2015

Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland have all successfully introduced legislation in recent years to charge consumers for the use of single use carrier bags. From Monday 5 October a similar charge will be introduced in England. 

ISO 14001 – The new changes will encourage improved circular economy thinking across the supply chain

Posted by Jamie Pitcairn - Director, Scotland on 30 September 2015

The planned changes to the 14001 environmental management system have been in development for the last few years and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) launched the standard this month. This is a fundamental revision of the standard, with far greater implications for organisations than the previous revision in 2004.

Engaging the public – the right thing to do when planning your service?

Posted by Adam Read on 28 September 2015

I’ve had a busy few months working with 2 new clients in the SE of England as they assess their waste management strategy and plan for their services over the next 20 years in one case, and as they assess different collection options and consider the legality, costs and suitability of these options for their changing kerbside recycling collection. And if I am being honest, I have really enjoyed getting back to the ‘basics’ of sustainable waste management – people, their habits, attitudes and behaviours!

What to feed the bin monster

Posted by Stephen Wise, Principal Consultant on 23 September 2015

*This is my blog discussing my thoughts and opinions on issues of resource efficiency and waste management that affect me as an individual in my every day life.*

A Role for Durability in the Circular Economy

Posted by Simon Gandy on 16 September 2015

At Ricardo Energy & Environment, we have just concluded a detailed project on durability for the European Commission. Anyone with an interest in the circular economy will find our results both fascinating and revealing…

How the circular economy can reduce household waste

Posted by Nadine Minty & Simon Gandy on 14 September 2015

The circular economy can reduce household waste through community sharing and re-use. Not only could this create benefits for local authorities by reducing the amount of waste collected, but also strengthen community engagement.

September - speed dating and the value of partnering?

Posted by Adam Read on 11 September 2015

Why I love September?

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