Resource Efficiency & Waste Management

The 5 Pillars of Performance to manage recycling contamination

Posted by Gareth Morton on 6 October 2016

Contamination has been hitting the headlines over the summer but is it as bad as it appears and what can be done to address it? These are the questions I will be exploring at two forthcoming events:

Scotland breaks a world record at the launch of Recycle Week 2016

Posted by Laura Blair on 12 September 2016

Saturday 10 September 2016. A fairly standard, somewhat cloudy day in Glasgow but also a day of bright lights, local celebrities, camera crews and the setting of a new world record. Congratulations, world record holders!

Laying the right foundations when breaking new ground and territories

Posted by Manjit Kahlon and Adam Read on 9 September 2016

Whether its products, services or consultancy that you want to export into new territories or regions it is critical to protect your proposed investment by ensuring that you lay the right foundations. Equally important is taking stock and checking the robustness of these foundations as you progress on your planned development or growth journey.

Is it time to 'legalise' recycling?

Posted by Gareth Morton on 31 August 2016

Last week there has been a bit of a ‘fuss’ in the media about contamination of recycling.  Suddenly it’s ‘news’ even though we in the industry have been tackling it (with varying degrees of success) for years now. There are calls for government action – a strategy to tackle the problem, harmonisation of recycling systems etc. – as well as call for local authorities to ‘up their game’. 

Energy from waste in a circular economy

Posted by Kathryn Warren on 31 August 2016

As a proud and staunch environmentalist, I often get challenged on my work on energy from waste projects. To Joe Public, energy from waste, or incineration, remains something which is inherently un-environmentally friendly.  How can I be providing technical procurement support for EfW plants during my day job, whilst volunteering for my local sustainability charity on weekends? With an increasing focus on maximising resource loops, EfW is even more looked upon as the uninvited guest to the circular economy party. 

Wales leads the way in recycling in the UK - how do they do it?

Posted by Brian Mayne on 31 August 2016

What a summer for Wales. Following on from our success in Euro 16 and our record four gold medals from Rio 2016, we continue to break new ground in recycling. Last week it was announced that Wales continues to lead the way in recycling in the UK and get closer to our ultimate ambition of achieving a carbon neutral country by 2020.

Brexit and the waste management industry

Posted by Victoria Hutchin on 26 August 2016

In this blog post, waste management consultant, Victoria Hutchin discusses the possible impacts of Brexit on the waste management industry and in particular household recycling performance.

Waste to Energy – What does the future hold?

Posted by Mark Ramsay and Dr Adam Read on 26 August 2016

Ricardo Energy & Environment has worked extensively with the European Commission (EC) over the past year to examine the key trends which will shape Waste to Energy (WtE) in Europe over the next decade. When considering WtE, we are not just thinking about waste incineration (Energy from Waste) plants but also other forms of energy recovery such as waste co-incineration in conventional power plants, anaerobic digestion, cement kilns and other energy recovery processes such as waste to biofuels.

Top 5 good practice tips for councils struggling with recycling contamination

Posted by Adam Read on 23 August 2016

With this morning’s coverage in BBC Breakfast about recycling contamination, our experience and advice in this area may be of help to local authorities. Contamination can be an issue for many councils but, with concerted effort, the problems can be successfully addressed. 

Mutually beneficial collaboration – when austerity, waste partnerships and teckal companies converge

Posted by Brian Mayne on 23 August 2016

I’ll be joining a panel at RWM to discuss mutually beneficial collaboration – when austerity, waste partnerships and teckal companies converge. 

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