Resource Efficiency & Waste Management

Ricardo Team-up with Waste & Recycling World to Deliver a New Webinar programme....

Posted by Nick Head on 22 March 2017

We are pleased to announce our new partnership with Recycling & Waste World, one of the sector’s leading journals, who are keen to provide additional content for their readers. As such we are their technical partner helping to put together a programme of webinars which addresses some of the sector’s hottest topics, both for a UK and a more international audience and focused on local authorities and their contractors.

Where have the Team been this Month?

Posted by Sam Beaumont on 21 March 2017

It’s a busy month for the Resource Efficiency and Waste Management team with individuals out and about sharing their opinions and research at some prominent industry events around the country.

Let us come to you

Posted by SarahJane Widdowson on 21 March 2017

*A recent article in the trade press* revealed that a regional waste management firm has launched a ‘throw it all in one bin residential waste service’ alongside the existing domestic waste collection service delivered by their local councils. The premise of the service is to target residents who are dissatisfied with the service offered by their council, coupled with the firm maximising the availability and spare capacity of its fleet, staff, infrastructure and disposal arrangements which are already in place delivering services to the private sector in the region. Set aside the obvious alarm bells regarding residential behaviour, the waste hierarchy, and duty of care etc, and focus more on what the firm has done –* using its existing resources and skills to address customer demand*.

Population transience and recycling performance

Posted by Victoria Hutchin on 21 March 2017

There has been much debate in recent press about confusion associated with the vast array of recycling systems in place across England and Wales; over 300, when taking into account variations in material streams, containment and collection frequencies. Keep Britain Tidy is currently lobbying the Government to create a national "recycling blueprint", similar to that currently in place in Wales but is recycling consistency really at the crux of the matter? In September 2016, WRAP launched the non-statutory Framework for greater consistency in household recycling in England , with the view to encouraging local authorities to collect a consistent suite of materials via one of three collection methods.

Hello from the other side – from an officer to a consultant

Posted by John Woodruff on 21 March 2017

Having recently moved over from the public sector (I was Head of Waste at Bromley Council until January 2017) to the world of consultancy, I thought it would be interesting to consider whether the view of municipal waste looks any different from this side of the fence.

Hot Topics, Burning Questions and Top Tips

Posted by Sam Beaumont on 21 March 2017

Over the past few months our team of waste management professionals here at Ricardo (plus a few guest speakers to boot) have run a series of free to attend webinars covering hot topics high on local authority (LA) agendas. Specifically, these webinars covered waste contract management, addressing austerity, and contamination in recycling. During these webinars, attended by LAs from the length and breadth of the UK, we asked each audience for their burning questions to enable us to focus each of our discussions on their key concerns.

Briefing notes for elected members and LA Officers

Posted by Brian Mayne on 21 March 2017

Ricardo Energy and Environment have in response to queries from a number of our existing clients developed a raft of *briefing notes* on issues pertinent to Local Authorities and their elected Members ranging from ‘Austerity and Insourcing’ through to ‘Income Generation, Recycling Contamination and Re-use’.

Scotland wins Circular Economy award

Posted by Jamie Pitcairn on 19 January 2017

What a fantastic achievement for Scotland to be recognised as a leader in the Circular Economy.

Why carbon could be a more beneficial metric than recycling rates

Posted by Chris Hoy on 4 January 2017

Why do we recycle? I believe fundamentally it’s to improve the environment by saving resources and reducing emissions. As such, tracking of performance is equally vital, especially as I think we should be constantly trying to improve / lessen the impact we have on the planet.

Is this the recycling of our discontent?

Posted by Gareth Morton on 4 January 2017

Christmas has always been a difficult time for recycling services: collections need rescheduling around the holidays, the weather can be tricksy and all that Christmas excess needs to be dealt with, piling on the pressure. And then, when it’s all sorted out, it’s back to ‘normal’ (whatever that is!) and dealing with the usual problems of improving performance by increasing recycling and reducing contamination.

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