MODUS key features



Quality assured
Employs advanced data analysis tools and functionality to support rapid checking, verification and validation of large volumes of measurement data.

Demonstrable transparency
Data changes and user activity are systematically logged, so providing clear and traceable audit trails. This provides ideal evidence logs for use in compliance assessments.

Tailorable data collection frequencies
Data collection frequency and timing can be programmed to meet user needs with full flexibility to increase data update frequencies at times of pollution episodes.

Bespoke, client-focused reporting
MODUS delivers powerful, automated reporting that can be tailored to suit specific stakeholder groups.

Near real-time data and system updates
Near real-time system status updates coupled with verified data uploads to websites ensures the latest high-quality data, accurately reflecting ambient levels and concentrations of air pollutants.

Regulatory compliance
MODUS can be tailored to regulatory regimes, which provides reporting against a wide range of environmental quality standards, limit values, thresholds and targets.

Validated data can be accessed through several channels including tablets and smartphones, which ensures information is accessible when it is needed, where it is needed and anywhere in the world.

Prompt exceedance alerts

MODUS provides configurable concentration threshold alerts that can be sent to user-specified stakeholders via a number of methods that include email, text messages (SMS) and mobile application alerts.

Smart maintenance
Automatic system checks generate maintenance alerts, so minimising system downtime and maximising data capture.


Configurable workflows and alert triggers save time and resources.

Solutions can be tailored to individual client needs.

A modular design enables simple expansion as monitoring networks evolve over time.


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